Pace Setters Awards
Executive Award

The Pace Setters Executive Award is given annually to a “pace setter” in the business community, recognizing the ideals we strive to instill in our students. As we help them grow and develop, it is with the goal of having them someday be the future leaders that shape the world.

2020 Executive Award recipient

Bill Baumel

Bill BaumelBill Baumel
Managing Director
The Ohio Innovation Fund

Bill Baumel spent more than 20 years working in venture capital in Silicon Valley, investing in software, data science, cyber security and medical technology (medtech). The result was four companies that went public at more than $1B and 10 major acquisitions by companies such as Dell, SAP, Medtronic, Intuit, Stryker and more. He currently has three private unicorns in the medtech, augmented reality and autonomous vehicle markets.

Following his passion to build leading companies in the industries of the future in his home state, Bill returned to Ohio to start the Ohio Innovation Fund (OIF), a venture capital firm that partners with bold, disruptive founders to rapidly scale their companies and drive the growth of Ohio's entrepreneurial ecosystems. OIF’s companies have secured the majority of the Fortune 500 as customers, built strategic partnerships with Microsoft, Facebook, SAP, Sanofi, Citi, Genentech and more, and won numerous awards, including sweeping TechOhio’s early and late-stage top startup awards.

His passion for educating the next generation of entrepreneurs is evident in the hundreds of students who have gone through OIF’s Student Experience Program. He earned a BSBA summa cum laude from The Ohio State University and an MBA with high distinction from the University of Michigan.


Past Executive Award Recipients

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