Coykendale Staff Awards

The Coykendale Rising Star Award and Coykendale Service Excellence Award are presented annually to two Fisher College of Business staff members who exhibit excellence in their work and have integrated one or more of the core values of the college into their exemplary daily performance.

Formerly the Coykendale MAX Staff Leadership Award, the two awards are named in honor of Cindy Coykendale, who provided more than 35 years of dedicated service to the college.

Our Core Values:

  • Trust
  • Innovation
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Collaboration
  • Inclusiveness



Coykendale Service Excellence Award Recipient

Andrea EvansUndergraduate Programs Office

Coykendale Rising Star Award Recipient

Katie ReynoldsOffice of Career Management




  • Coykendale Rising Star Award
    Full-time or part-time staff member with less than five years of Fisher service
  • Coykendale Service Excellence Award
    Full-time or part-time staff member with five or more years of Fisher service
  • Previous recipients (including recipients of the former Coykendale MAX Staff Leadership Award) are not eligible to win the Coykendale Rising Star Award or Coykendale Service Excellence Award for five years.


Nominees must:

  • provide consistent and excellent job performance
  • demonstrate commitment and contribution to one or more of the core values of the college
  • promote a positive and motivating work environment
  • deliver outstanding service to faculty, staff, students, community, and/or other customers


Nominations will be reviewed by a selection committee organized by Fisher Shared Services Center and recommendations will be submitted to the Dean and the Associate Dean for Staff, HR & Administration for approval.


Recipients are honored at the Pace Setters awards ceremony and spring semester staff meeting and each recipient receives a $1,000 one-time cash award. 

For more information about the awards, contact Amber Poindexter or Bill Watercutter.