Undergraduate Programs
Scholarship Thank You Letter


The following is a set of guidelines to help you write a meaningful thank you note to the donor supporting your scholarship.

Your note should be about 2 paragraphs in length. These are some topics you can consider including in your thank you note:

  • Are you the first member in your family to attend a university, or are you from a long line of college-educated family members?
  • Why, specifically, did you choose to attend Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University?
  • What is your intended major and minor? Are you specializing? What are your career plans after graduation? What are your extracurricular interests?
  • How will this financial contribution to your education impact you and your family? If your scholarship is given for a specific purpose, such as an internship, provide more information about the ways it will impact that experience.
  • How will you make a positive contribution to the overall Buckeye community, through your words, actions, or leadership?
  • Finally, thank them for their contribution to your education.


Please do NOT date your thank you note. Some donors give several scholarships and we send all the thank you notes to them at one time.

Your thank you note should be on a card, stationery, or Fisher College of Business letterhead and handwriting should be legible. If you type your thank you note, be sure to sign your name.

Your letter(s) should be addressed to the donor whose name is listed on the donor sheet. This will provide more information about the donor and the criteria for the scholarship. The letter will be sent to the donor through Fisher College of Business and the Office of External Relations.

Finally, PROOFREAD! Ask a family member, friend, or roommate to proofread your letter. It is always good to have a second set of eyes to look over the note; they may catch a grammatical error or typo that you missed.