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Industry Immersion Program

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This program, which is open to all majors, is designed to provide students hands-on, immersive learning in a specific industry, giving them the experience and knowledge to stand out in the marketplace. Students work with C-suite executives and faculty experts to work on real-world business projects that make an industry impact, all while earning credit hours towards graduation.

Industry Immersion Experiences

  • Open/Close Business Analytics

    Staggering amounts of data are being generated each hour of every day across the globe. This new information age requires high-level, high-demand business skills — and  you will work with leading companies to dive deep into the world of “big data,” making  critical connections, improving strategic decision making, and optimizing performance.

    Faculty Coordinator:
    Ralph Greco, M.S.
    Director, Business Analytics Initiative


  • Open/Close Business of Sports

    Introduction to the business decisions made by various departments/divisions of a sports business. Develop an understanding of the tools and techniques used by these businesses to make strategic data-driven decisions that will maximize business performance and efficiency.

    Faculty Coordinator: 
    Ralph Greco, M.S.
    Director, Business Analytics Initiative

  • Open/Close Consulting

    In the world of consulting, strong skills in analytical and strategic thinking aren’t just important — they’re required. By engaging with executives in the field and academic experts, you’ll learn what it takes to specialize in this fast paced, highly relevant profession.

    Faculty Coordinator:
    Chip York
    LecturerManagement & Human Resources Department

  • Open/Close Consumer Packaged Goods

    Examine the business practices of companies that have created the strongest brands in the world — products that have been household names for generations. These organizations are renowned for their marketing, management development, and breakthrough innovation.

    Faculty Coordinator: 
    Jon Quinn, M.S.
    Senior LecturerMarketing & Logistics Department

  • Open/Close Energy & Sustainability

    “Going green” is great, but how does a company get from good idea to actually creating sustainable corporate models? Through action-based course work and out-of-the classroom experience, you learn and explore some of the most important issues facing companies today.

    Faculty Coordinator: 
    Heidi Shull
    Senior Lecturer, Management and Human Resources 

  • Open/Close Fintech

    The Fintech Industry Immersion Program is a two-semester course series open to undergraduate students across the university that covers fundamental concepts and technological techniques applied in the sectors of finance. These concepts include topics such as:

    • P2P lending
    • Investment and payment apps
    • Cryptocurrencies
    • NFTs
    • Insurtech
    • Proptech
    • Roboadvisors
    • Blockchain
    • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning 

    During autumn semester, students acquire an understanding of industry terminology, concepts, and technologies used and their applications. In spring semester, students apply their knowledge with a hands-on capstone project with some of the leading initiatives/companies in Fintech space such as Ohio Blockchain Council, Standard Power, Upstart Inc, Grange Insurance, Huntington Bank, Campus Inc and Zayzoon Inc.

    Faculty Coordinator: 
    Taner Pirim, PhD.
    Senior Lecturer, Finance Department


Fisher student

"Participating in the Business of Sports Immersion Program has allowed me to gain a deeper knowledge into the sports industry. It's been valuable and eye opening to learn about data analytics and the financials of such a popular industry I've always had an interest in. "

Amanda ChmielFinance major



Fisher student

"The Consulting Immersion Program allowed me to use concepts learned in class to work on hands-on projects. In these projects, I gained real-world experience by finding unique solutions to problems companies face and presenting the solutions to the executives. I used my experience in the program to secure a full-time job in consulting after graduation."

Jared YeeReal Estate & Finance major


  • Participation Benefits

    Student who participate in the Industry Immersion Program will:

    • Receive a total 6 credit hours for year-long program (3 credit hours in autumn, 3 credit hours in spring semester)
    • Participate on real world company partner projects.
    • Have unique opportunity to interact with Industry Leaders as guest speakers and via company site visits
    • Travel to major metropolitan city to network with companies
    • Option to travel internationally to Milan, Italy with fellow Immersion students and become familiar with specific industry abroad.
  • Application Criteria

    Students who are interested in participating in the Industry Immersion Program must meet the following criteria by the start of the program in Autumn semester:

    • Minimum 3.0 cumulative OSU GPA
    • Open to all majors at OSU
    • Earn a minimum of 61 credit hours 
    • Not enroll in an activity that prevents the student from completing the one-year program commitment 

    Be prepared to submit resume and answer the following questions when completing the Industry Immersion Program Application:

    1. Please explain your interest in your (3) RANKED immersion experiences. Why are you interested in the program? Summarize any experience you may have within specific industry. (3200 character maximum)  *Lack of experience will NOT hinder your application*
    2. Discuss how the Industry Immersion Program will support your college journey and career aspirations.  (3200 character maximum)

    Resume upload:

    1. Resume must be submitted as a PDF and the file MUST include your first name and last name.         
    2. Resumes uploaded in other formats or without the appropriate file name will not be considered and your application will be considered incomplete.
  • Program Expectations

    Active Participation
    Students are expected to actively participate in co-curricular opportunities to enhance their professional development, both inside and outside of the classroom.

    Engage with Industry Partners
    Active participation is expected of every Industry Immersion student. Company executives take time to guide students throughout projects and enlighten Industry Immersion students. Active participation is expected of every Industry Immersion student.

    One-Year Program Commitment
    Enrolling in activities that hinder the completion of the program is strongly discouraged. Students who are accepted should not enroll in an outside activity that would prevent you from completing both semesters of class (e.g. internship/study abroad).

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Industry Immersion Program Contact

For additional information about the Industry Immersion Program, please contact:

Undergraduate Leadership & Engagement Office
Fisher College of Business
309 Schoenbaum Hall 
210 W. Woodruff Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210-1144