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Industry Immersion Program

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Preparing leaders of tomorrow to make impacts in today's top industries.

Business Analytics

Familiarize with the concepts of Big Data, Analytics and the applicability of both in a business environment while developing an understanding of tools and techniques available and how they can be used in an analytic process.

Business of Sports

Introduction to the business decisions made by various departments/divisions of a sports business. Develop an understanding of the tools and techniques used by these businesses to make strategic, data-driven decisions that will maximize business performance and efficiency.


Understand the consulting role, client engagement process, solution development and presentation techniques while learning the applicability in a diverse client business environment for any industry.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Learn the best-practices and processes of some of the largest brands in the world by hearing directly from industry leaders about their core strategies in the areas of marketing & branding, shopper insights, innovation, operations, finance and human resources

Energy & Sustainability

Learn innovative use of resources essential for business survival by managing risks and opportunities associated with climate change, resource depletion, population growth, etc.

Middle Market

Introduction to the concept of a mid-size company while learning characteristics of high-growth middle market companies and challenges/opportunities unique to this segment, versus large and small businesses.


Dive into retail from a unique perspective. Gain in-depth knowledge about the industry--from raw material development to maximizing consumer experience

First of Its Kind

The Immersion program is the first of its kind in the nation, and is designed to help students dive into a specific industry and stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Year-Long Focus

C-suite executives and Fisher College of Business experts take high-achieving undergraduate students deep inside the industry of their choice for a full academic year. The result: a depth of material and live business experiences typically found at the graduate level.

Sought-After Students

Industry Immersion students are uniquely prepared to step out of the classroom and into the practice of business. To date, 80% of eligible Industry Immersion students have secured full-time internships or jobs with leading companies across the nation and around the world.


" Being involved in the Manufacturing Immersion brought a lot of value to my resume. Not only did the program bring value because we were working with an amazing company, but the specialized focus on manufacturing alone sparks an interest with recruiters."

Vince ForceClass of 2019


Industry Immersion Program Contact

For additional information about the Industry Immersion Program, please contact:

Undergraduate Leadership & Engagement Office
Fisher College of Business
309 Schoenbaum Hall 
210 W. Woodruff Avenue
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