Finance Honors

Do you want to take a step toward becoming a financial leader ready to handle tomorrow’s challenges, shaping the future of global markets?

Do you want to work with and learn from world-class faculty while surrounding yourself with tremendous peers who share and will contribute to that same mission?

About the program

Students will be selected through competitive application process during Spring semester of students’ sophomore year.

High-performing, driven, and ambitious honors students will be equipped with the cutting edge analytical and quantitative skills sought by leading investment and commercial banks, private equity firms, consulting firms and nonfinancial corporations. Hence, theFinance Honors Program will prepare you to land – and thrive in – the highest-quality internships and prestigious post-graduation employment.

Additional information

  • Application Process

    Eligible second-year students can apply to the Accounting Honors, Finance Honors, Honors Cohort and Honors Contractprograms each February.

    Students are welcome to apply to more than one program, but are required to indicate their first, second, and third choice. Notifications will be sent in time for autumn term scheduling.

    Applicants must complete the following prerequisite classes (by the end of Spring semester) in order to apply. Honors versions recommended when offered.

    • Math 1131, 1151, or 1161
    • Econ 2001.01 or 2001.03H
    • Econ 2002.01 or 2002.03H
    • AMIS 2200 or 2200H
    • AMIS 2300 or 2300H
    • CSE 2111 or 1113
    • Stat 1430 or 1430H (or 1450/2450 EM credit)
    • BUS MGT 2320
    • BUS MGT 2321
    • BUS MHR 2292 or 2292H
    • BUS FIN 3220 (required for Finance Honors) minimum grade of A- required
  • Academic Components
    • Students take Honors Finance Courses with top finance faculty and in-depth application of material that incorporates Bloomberg and other leading financial software

    • Third- and Fourth-Year Honors Seminars focusing on the “ABCs” required for financial professionals to obtain high-quality internships, land meaningful post-graduation employment and be successful in the long-run:

    A: Analytical Reasoning

    B: Business Problem Solving Skills

    C: Critical Thinking

    • A Capstone Honors Fourth-Year Seminar that blends current business trends, students’ interests and a service component.
  • Co-Curricular Opportunities
    • Finance Alumni Network Mentoring Program: The goal of the Honors Finance Mentor Program is to foster successful mentoring relationship between students and financial managers.

    The program matches students and volunteer mentors based on areas of expertise and students particular needs and career interests.

    • Guest speakers who are leaders from around the world consistently attend classes.
    • Junior year: Visit to Major Domestic Financial Hub
    • Senior year: Visit to Major International Financial Hub (contingent upon funding)
  • Graduation Requirements

    To graduate with Honors in Finance, students must complete each of the following:

    • Completion of Finance Honors Curriculum
    • Complete the nine (9) courses in the curriculum while maintaining at least an overall GPA of 3.5, a 3.5 GPA in your specialization area, and a 3.5 in your Finance Honors classes.

    Finance Honors Curriculum


Birsel Pirim, Ph.D.
Finance Honors Faculty Director

Kim Bader, M.A.
Assistant Director, Honors