Print quota

Each student in Fisher College of Business is allocated a print quota. The print quota sets the maximum number of pages (black & white) that a student may print without cost to the student.

The print quota for full-time graduate students who have paid their tech fee is 750 pages. It is 500 pages for undergraduate students. B&W pages cost $0.09 each and color pages cost $0.25 each.

If a student has used his or her entire print quota, or if he or she has not paid the tech fee, additional printing units may be purchased using the BuckID card (see lab proctor for more information). Please note that we are not able to issue refunds for print quota purchased with BuckID. Any money you add to your print quota with the BuckID will roll over to your next Semester or Term of enrollment.

Wireless Printing

This service allows Fisher students who have connected their personal laptops to the OSU wireless network the ability to print Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF andPDF files to designated printers located in 015 Gerlach Hall, 208 Gerlach Hall, and 147 Mason Hall. Undergraduate students should note they do not have physical access to the printers in Gerlach Hall as those spaces are controlled by BuckID for graduate students only.

Login to Web Print with lastname.#


Can I connect to these printers from home?

No, print jobs will only be sent to the printer successfully if you send them while you are connected to the OSU wireless network.

Will printing to these printers deduct from my print quota?

Yes, printing to these printers will deduct from your Fisher College of Business print quota.

Can I duplex?

Duplex printing is supported from the wirless printing website only. You can access the duplex options by selecting the checkbox labeled "Advanced" when releasing your print job from the wireless printing website.

The Driver Print option does not support duplex printing at this time.

Can I print to any other printers in the labs?

You can only access the printers designated for wireless printing. The other printers in the student labs are only accessible from the labs' desktop computers.


Fisher Helpdesk

The Helpdesk is the first point of contact for all Fisher technology-related questions and issues. Questions about software, hardware, servers, computer equipment moves, network access, classroom technology, account creation, password help, etc. should be directed to the Helpdesk.

We are open during the following times:

Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm (autumn and spring semester)
Monday - Friday: 7:30am - 4:30pm (summer term)

Fisher College of Business 
Information Technology Services 
The Ohio State University 
Mason Hall, Suite 320 
250 West Woodruff Avenue 
Columbus, Ohio 43210