Jianna Jin

PhD Candidate – Consumer Behavior

Marketing & Logistics


Jianna Jin is a doctoral candidate in Marketing at the Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University. She received her Master’s in Marketing from Korea University and BBA from Kyung Hee University. Jianna’s research focuses on the area of consumer behavior. Specifically, she is interested in (1) the psychological factors that drive consumer adoption of AI-powered technologies and the impact of such adoption on consumer well-being, (2) the role of political ideology in shaping consumer decision-making, and (3) consumers’ perceptions of and consumption of time.

 Jianna’s work has appeared in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: General. She has presented her work at various marketing conferences, including the Association for Consumer Research, the Society for Consumer Psychology, and the Society of Judgment and Decision Making. She has served as an ad-hoc reviewer for the Journal of the Association for Consumer Research and as a trainee reviewer for the Journal of Consumer Research.


Dr. Rebecca Walker Reczek