Grant Donnelly

Assistant Professor

Marketing & Logistics


  • BUSML 4255 - Sustainability Marketing for Consumers, Firms & Society

    This course is designed to provide students with the knowledge to enhance sustainable behaviors in firms, among consumers and in society at large. In doing so, this course will include frameworks for understanding how to influence sustainable practices, consumer response to sustainability, and sustainability and marketing communication in the marketplace. Prereq: 3250 or AEDEcon 3102.

  • BUSML 7215 - Global Marketing and Sustainability

    Review core concepts of global marketing including, pricing, research, positioning, strategy, social responsibility, communicating with world consumers, and management team development from a sustainability viewpoint. Prereq: 6250 or MBA 6252 or 6253.

  • BUSML 4998 - Undergraduate Research in Marketing & Logistics

    Undergraduate Research in Marketing & Logistics for non-honors students. Prereq: BusAdm 2291 or 499, and Jr standing, and permission of instructor. Repeatable to a maximum of 12 cr hrs or 4 completions. This course is progress graded.