• BUSML 4382 - Logistics Analytics

    Will equip student with the tools and skills necessary to recognize, analyze and solve significant problems in the operation of a logistics system through the application of techniques using spreadsheet analysis, optimization and simulation. Prereq: 4380, BusMgt 2320 (330), 2321 (331), and BusMHR 2292 (BusAdm 499.01). Not open to students with credit for 781.

  • BUSML 4385 - Building a Sustainable Supply Chain

    Focuses on understanding how to measure and impact the long-term sustainability of a company's supply chain operations; learn practices for reducing carbon footprints and creating a more resilient supply chain, while meeting financial goals. Prereq: 3380 or 3381; and AcctMIS 2200, 2300, and BusMGT 2320, 2321; and BusMHR 2291 or 2292.