MBA core courses at Fisher College of Business provide in-depth exploration of the functional areas that are critical to a complete understanding of the business environment. To complete your degree, you can choose from a wide variety of elective courses; in fact, up to 8 credit hours of any graduate course offered by The Ohio State University can be taken, if related to your course of study.

A typical working professional student can expect to:

  • Attend classes two times a week from 6:15 p.m. - 9:30 p.m  with an option of taking a few classes from 4:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. Can't take classes on a weekday? We also offer a weekend option!
  • Complete a degree in two and a half years
  • Take classes in fall, spring and summer semester

The schedule for completing the program is flexible and designed to be adapted to the busy lifestyles of working professionals.  Working Professional MBA students may enroll in as few as 1.5 credit hours per semester or as many as 9 credit hours per semester to lengthen or shorten overall time in the program. 

Students are accepted into the program on a rolling admissions basis, making it possible for you to begin your MBA program in either the autumn or spring semester.

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Degree Requirement Overview

  11 Core Classes 
(27 Credit Hours)
 + Elective Courses 
(21 Credit Hours)
 = 48 Total 
Credit Hours

Core Classes:

Accounting Data Analysis
Finance International Business
Leadership Managerial Economics (Organizations, Markets & Management)
Marketing Operations
Organizational Behavior Professional Development and Business Communication

Elective Classes

For more information on elective options, please visit the specializations page.