COE Summit 2019: Call for Presentations


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Have a story of transformational change at your organization you’d like to share? Have research-based insights that can help business professionals develop their leadership or problem-solving skills?

The Ohio State University Center for Operational Excellence is accepting proposals for breakout sessions at its 2019 Leading Through Excellence summit, set for April 9-11 at the Fawcett Center on Ohio State’s campus. For attendees, the 25 breakout sessions to be offered at the event – spread across April 10 and 11 in five 60-minute blocks of five concurrent sessions – allow them to customize their summit experience to choose the topics that fit their interest and best align with their personal and organizational goals. For presenters, the sessions offer the chance to share best practices and make connections with hundreds of business leaders.

As with past summits, COE is building its breakout session offerings to represent a mix of “case studies” taking place inside member and non-member companies; actionable insights from researchers; and best practices from thought leaders in the world of operational excellence. Topics are to be broadly focused on one or more of the following subject matter areas:

  • Industry disruption (technology, trends)
  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Lean deployment best practices (tools, techniques, behaviors)
  • Organizational behavior (culture, team-building, communication, decision making)
  • Supply chain management

While more than half of all breakout presentations will be selected by COE outside this process, as many as 10 sessions will be drawn from these proposals. Each breakout session slot comes with one free admission to the summit as well as reimbursment of travel expenses, if applicable.

Think you’re ready to submit a proposal for a breakout session on April 10 or 11? Have the following information ready about yourself and your presentation: a) Contact information; b) Proposed title; c) Key challenge/trend the presentation addresses; d) A few sentences on the content you plan to cover; and e) Key “takeaways” attendees will receive at your session. We’re also interested in past presentation experience, with video links welcome and encouraged.

Presentation proposals will be reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis, and all those who submit proposals will be notified of their status by Jan. 1, 2019, at the latest.

breakout Session Proposal

Review the form below and only begin the process when you're ready to submit all the required information. The form cannot be saved and returned to at this time. Questions? Contact Matt Burns at

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In 12 words or less, broadly summarize your presentation topic (e.g., "Grassroots lean deployment at Company ABC")
In one sentence, what key challenge/trend does your presentation address? (e.g., "Securing top leadership buy-in for changes to employee standard work can be difficult." "Technology startups are upending traditional business models ... ")
In three or four sentences, outline how your presentation addresses this challenge (bullet points are welcome)
How will attendees at your presentation emerge as better leaders/problem solvers/team members as a result of your presentation? (i.e., What key "takeaways" does your presentation offer?)
Select two "tracks" that appropriately describe your presentation.
Do you have experience presenting to an audience outside your organization?
Please list notable conferences/events where you've presented in the past (along with, if possible, estimated audience size). Have a video of a past presentation? Paste link(s) here ...