About The Program

The Business Administration Honors Cohort program consists of an eclectic, tight knit group of 30 highly motivated; hand-picked students who seek to leverage educational opportunities across the entire university. The Honors Cohort program prepares students for much more than their “first job” after graduation. The program seeks to increase the critical thinking, complex reasoning, and communication skills of the students.

The Honors Cohort is a challenging program for business students spanning the fall and spring semesters of a student’s junior year and continuing in their senior year. During their junior year students will take business specific honors courses together as well as the year-long Business Honors Cohort Seminar course.

In the Cohort Seminar course students will, among other things, discuss and debate the critical issues facing today’s society, contemplate and discuss the historical evolution of markets, work together to give back to the larger community, as well as interact with global industry executives and policymakers. The Cohort Seminar makes use of the Socratic method which puts the student at the center of the learning experience.

In addition to the year-long Cohort Seminar course Cohort students are also required to take upper level Honors, or Honors equivalent course work, outside of the business school to increase their exposure to the liberal arts and natural sciences. In their final year, Cohort students will have an Honors capstone course together which will allow them to more deeply contemplate and discuss the intellectual advancements they have made in the Honors Cohort program.


  • Application Process

    Eligible second-year students can apply to the Accounting Honors, Honors Cohort and Honors Contract programs each February. Students are welcome to apply to more than one program, but are required to indicate their first, second, and third choice. Notifications will be sent in time for autumn term scheduling.

    Applicants must complete the following prerequisite classes (by the end of Spring semester) in order to apply. Honors versions recommended when offered.

    • Math 1131, 1151, or 1161
    • Econ 2001.01 or 2001.03H
    • Econ 2002.01 or 2002.03H
    • AMIS 2200 or 2200H
    • AMIS 2300 or 2300H
    • CSE 2111 or 1113
    • Stat 1430 or 1430H (or 1450/2450 EM credit)
    • BUS MGT 2320
    • BUS MGT 2321
    • BUS MHR 2292 or 2292H
  • Graduation Requirements

    To graduate with Honors in Business Administration, students in the Honors Cohort Program must complete each of the following:

    Completion of Honors Cohort Curriculum


    Complete the nine (9) courses in the curriculum while maintaining at least an overall GPA of 3.5, a 3.5 GPA in your specialization area, and a 3.5 in your Cohort classes.

    Completion of Community Service Volunteer Hours

    Complete and document thirty (30) hours of service-learning volunteer community service that serves the greater community outside of the Fisher College of Business and The Ohio State University. Hours must be completed during the junior year.

    Completion of Final Paper

    Submission and acceptance of a ten (10) page paper that focuses on their academic experience or complete a comprehensive research thesis prior to graduation. This paper must be completed and submitted to the Cohort Faculty Director no later than week 12 of the student’s graduation term.

  • For More Information
    Ty Shepfer

    Cohort Faculty Director

    kim Bader

    Assistant Director for Honors