May 27, 2014

Unique background helping Magestro excel in analytics

Brookhaven National Laboratory recently featured Daniel Magestro, an adjunct professor of finance at Fisher. The article details Magestro’s diverse educational background and how it has benefitted him as a teacher of applied data analysis and investment management at Fisher. See the excerpt below and read the full story

RHIC Physics Feeds Future High-Tech Workforce: Daniel Magestro
A master of data analytics, from physics to finance, health care and more

By Karen McNulty Walsh

“A scientist at the core,” Daniel Magestro has applied expertise gained earning a Ph.D. in nuclear physics to a wide range of subsequent careers -- from teaching to investment risk management, marketing and customer analytics, health care and supply-chain operations.

“I’m driven to understand things -- markets, customers, supply chains, etc. -- via curiosity and data, and then leverage that increased understanding to help an organization succeed,” he said.