Marketing Research Camp

Published: 2013-01-08

The Marketing & Logistics Department is pleased to announce the annual 2013 Marketing Research Camp. The event was organized to celebrate research and invite outside guest to the university to discuss their discoveries. Continuing the events reputation in bringing in outstanding researchers, we again have invited four top scholars.

This year we will be welcoming Keith Wilcox and Lauren Block to discuss the consumer behavior side of Marketing.

  • Keith Wilcox, from Columbia University will be presenting, ““Does Imitation Benefit the Imitated Brand? The Effects of Target Ambiguity and Processing Mindset on Judgment.” Dr. Wilcox has been published in several journals including Journal of Consumer Research and Journal of Marketing Research.
  • Lauren Block, of City University of New York, Baruch, will be presenting, “Is it Still Working?  The Effects of Task Difficulty on Perceived Duration of Product Efficacy.” Dr. Block received her PhD from Columbia University and has been a frequent author in Journal of Consumer Research.

From the quantitative side of Marketing, Ulf Bockenholt and Paulo Albuquerque will be presenting.

  • Ulf Bockenholt, of Northwestern University, will be presenting, “Modeling Motivated Misreports to Sensitive Survey Questions.” Dr. Bockenholt has received numerous awards for his research and has taught at several universities worldwide.
  • Paulo Albuquerque, of University of Rochester, will be presenting. “A Continuous Time Model of Product Usage: Measuring the Effect of Product Design and Rewards in Online Games”. Dr. Albuquerque expertise are in new product introductions, spatial and temporal diffusion of brands, and combining multiple market-level data sets focusing on online markets.

All presentations will be on Friday, January 18th. If you are a faculty member or graduate student and would like additional information, please contact Sarah Zimmerman