Haugtvedt helps launch first-ever psychology handbook

Published: 2008-11-01

The Handbook of Consumer Psychology contains theoretical reviews and research studies in consumer psychology, marketing, advertising and consumer behavior by some of the field's top scholars. Curtis P. Haugtvedt, associate professor of marketing and co-editor of the handbook, said it provides a history of the field, contains integrative literature reviews and sets the path for future research.

The handbook was created to provide researchers and students in various disciplines including advertising, communications, marketing, psychology and human ecology a reference point on consumer psychology, Haugtvedt said. A former president of the Society for Consumer Psychology, Haugtvedt edited the handbook along with Paul M. Herr, University of Colorado professor of marketing, and Frank R. Kardes, a University of Cincinnati professor of marketing.

The work examines the scientific understanding of cognitive, affective and behavioral responses to products and services as well as the marketing of products and services. A section on consumer well-being explores various ethical and social issues including compulsive shopping and tobacco advertising aimed toward children.