Undergrads on Wall Street

Against a backdrop of a rigorous curriculum, Fisher is committed to providing students with global business perspectives and experiences that complement classroom learning.

Four talented undergraduate students share their reflections on how honors organizations and learning labs at Fisher are making national and international trips impactful parts of their own student experiences:

  • Open/Close Gracie Boden — Industry Immersion Program
    Gracie Boden
    Gracie Boden

    Describe the Industry Immersion trip to Chicago. What insights did it provide?

    The Industry Immersion Chicago Business Experience gave students the opportunity to learn about and visit retail businesses in the Chicago area. In addition to meeting with business contacts, we also attended networking events with Ohio State University alumni who live and work in the Chicago area. This unique business experience helped to expand our knowledge of the business opportunities and operations beyond the Columbus market. Plus, we expanded our personal and professional networks.

    What was the most impactful event/visit? Why?

    From my perspective as a retail industry student, our site visit to the Nike offices and Nike store left the most lasting impact. I was surprised and excited to learn that Nike has opportunities applicable to my interests in the Chicago offices, including brand management. I was intrigued by their use of market research to make store operations run more smoothly and ultimately increase sales. The walk-through of the Nike offices gave us the opportunity to look at future collections. This particular site visit helped me to realize the enormity of a company like Nike and just how many different jobs lie within the retail industry.

    What was your takeaway from the opportunity to meet with Fisher alumni as part of the trip?

    Having the opportunity to meet with Fisher alumni was an eye-opening and exciting experience. I was surprised to learn how much I had in common with the men and women that I met and I enjoyed learning from their expertise and experiences. It was encouraging that so many Fisher alumni came to the event and were as excited to meet with us as we were with them.

    What impact has the Immersion program had on your education?

    It has given me more opportunities than I ever imagined having during my time at Ohio State. From meeting with leaders of businesses all across the industry to completing a project designed to solve an existing problem for a local retail company, my knowledge of the retail industry has expanded far beyond what I could learn in my core classes.

    Industry Immersion has given me the confidence to network with business leaders and has taught me how to address a real-life business issue. I have gained many wonderful relationships with business associates as well as students across all majors. I look forward to utilizing the skills I have gained in this program throughout my career.

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  • Open/Close Matthew Bonner — Business Honors Learning Community
    Matt Bonner
    Matt Bonner

    Describe your trip, where you went and what insights it provided.

    We visited JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs in New York, where we met with recent college graduates to discuss their careers and experiences. In addition, we were able to network with Fisher alumni at the Empire State Building, take a tour of the Financial District, and explore the city.

    What was the most impactful event/visit? Why?

    The most impactful event for me was the JPMorgan site visit we attended at its New York City headquarters. We had an opportunity to attend a panel of five recent Ohio State alumni talk about how they like their jobs and career fields. In addition, we learned about the variety of internships offered that we can apply to next year to learn more about JPMorgan’s financial opportunities. We were able to network with JPMorgan recruiters and spend time with Ohio State alums and hear their advice for current students.

    Were you able to engage with any Fisher alumni? If so, what were some takeaways from that opportunity?

    We were able to engage with many Fisher alumni on our trip to New York City through various networking events. The biggest takeaway was the sense of possibilities available for Fisher students after graduation. The Fisher alumni shared how their Ohio State education and reputation helped them in their careers and enabled them to accept jobs in New York City. I also really enjoyed hearing about the variety of industries the Fisher alumni are involved in whether it be investment banking or consulting.

    What impact has the Business Honors Learning Community had on your education?

    The Business Honors Learning Community has had a significant impact on my education at Ohio State. It has been amazing getting to know 25 other freshman business majors that have similar interests and passions as me. Whether it be through weekly meetings with the group or the Business Honors mentorship program where we get paired with upperclassmen, I have definitely grown both personally and professionally through the learning community.

    The Business Honors Learning Community has also provided many professional development opportunities such as site visits to Crimson Cup and Abercrombie and Fitch’s world headquarters. The recent New York City trip was a way to apply everything we have learned this year, while also discovering more about a variety of professional opportunities available in business.

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  • Open/Close Haylee Campbell — Global Business Learning Community
    Haylee Campbell
    Haylee Campbell
    Global Business Learning Community

    Describe your trip, where you went and what insights it provided.

    Our Global Business Learning Community took a trip to Toronto, Canada for a four-day trip. In our spare time we visited Niagara Falls, toured the city of Toronto including the CN Tower, visited the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Hockey Hall of Fame and spent a couple hours in Chinatown at a hot-pot restaurant for lunch. For our business portion of the trip, we met and collaborated with students of Rotman Commerce School of Management at the University of Toronto, toured DMZ-- Canada's top business incubator, and met with an executive board at Top Hat, including its CEO for a lunch and feedback session of their product.

    What was the most impactful event/visit? Why?

    Meeting with Mike Silagadze, the CEO and executive board of Top Hat — a program used at Ohio State — was a memorable experience. Hearing Mike's story, how and why Top Hat came to be, was an amazing learning and networking opportunity for us as first-year students. Afterward, Top Hat provided us lunch as we provided feedback about its software and how we felt it could better improve the program. As students, they gave us a voice and appreciated our opinions about their program, and that meant a great deal to me.

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  • Open/Close Camilia Cardenas — Business Scholars
    Camilia Cardenas
    Camilia Cardenas

    Describe your trip, where you went and what insights it provided:

    We arrived in New York City on a Thursday, and that night we met with Ohio State Alumni at a networking event at the Empire State Building. This event was a great way to practice our networking skills and get connections for future job opportunities from fellow Buckeyes.

    On Friday we visited Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase and sat in on panels and asked questions. I personally enjoyed JPMorgan because it provided information on programs for a variety of majors. We were able to see the city where we visited the Fearless Girl statue/Charging Bull and the 9/11 memorial. Overall, the trip allowed me to see New York as a professional, which I’ve never had the privilege of doing before.

    What was the most impactful event/visit? Why?

    JPMorgan was the most impactful visit because I was able to talk to a recruiter from the company and discuss any potential jobs or programs that I could apply for. I really enjoyed this because it was no longer hypothetical networking events, and I was able to have a 1-on-1 conversation with a highly regarded company that most freshmen don't get to the opportunity to do.

    Were you able to engage with any fisher alumni? If so, what were some takeaways from that opportunity?

    It was awesome to hear the tips the Fisher alumni gave us. One specific alumnus told me which organizations helped him with his specific major and his set of skills. Also, I was able to talk to marketing majors and see where they are today. One works with JPMorgan, and I was able to get her contact information in case I ever wanted to reach out in the future. Everyone was very nice and genuinely wanted to help us.

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