Staff and faculty in a group photo.

Excellence in staff service and undergraduate teaching took center stage at Fisher’s 2023 Recognition Luncheon.

The event connected staff and faculty from across the college to celebrate achievements in teaching, commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, service and milestone work anniversaries.

“Fisher’s mission is built on a foundation of principled leadership. It’s a theme we seek to instill in all our students,” said Anil K. Makhija, dean and John W. Berry, Sr. Chair in Business. “But creating principled leaders requires more than simply telling them how to acquire these skills. Part of our roles as employees must be to show students how we — as a community — are living and embodying the very characteristics we’re asking of them through service.”

“Here at Fisher, among this group of instructors and staff, that service manifests itself wonderfully in everything we do to help our students, our alumni, friends and partners — and each other — become better.”

2023 Recognition Luncheon

Awards and Recognitions

  • Open/Close Outstanding Undergraduate Instructor Awards

    A newly launched initiative at Fisher, these student-nominated awards recognize and celebrate exceptional teaching by faculty and staff who teach undergraduate students this academic year.

    • Claire Adams, senior lecturer, Marketing and Logistics
    • Justin Birru, associate professor, Finance
    • Susan Clark, senior lecturer, Finance
    • Alexandra Henry, academic advisor, Undergraduate Programs and Advising
    • Larry Inks, clinical associate professor, Management and Human Resources
    • Kaifeng Jiang, professor, Management and Human Resources
    • Andrew Piletz, senior lecturer, Marketing and Logistics
    • Marc Smith, senior lecturer, Accounting and Management Information Systems
    • Jill Treece, senior lecturer, Operations and Business Analytics
    • Steffanie Wilk, professor, Management and Human Resources
    • Open/Close Fisher Inclusion Champions

      The Fisher Inclusion Champions Program (FICP) deepens the college’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) by further educating Fisher community members about relevant DEI topics. The FICP also seeks to empower participants to apply this knowledge and to intentionally engage them in relevant activities and projects.

      • Alyssa Abrams
      • Nicole Allender
      • Jerrod Amstutz
      • Anil Arya
      • Kim Bader
      • Iko Bako
      • Audrey Bledsoe
      • Winston Branch
      • Aravind Chandrasekaran
      • Susan Clark
      • Karen Clarridge
      • Hannah Conklin
      • Tiffany Cooper
      • Ivette Diaz
      • Dominic DiCamillo
      • Melanie DiFeo
      • Qingyuan Dong
      • John Draper
      • Tracy Dumas
      • Terry Esper
      • Juan Ezquerra
      • Lauren Faherty
      • Patti Flinn
      • Nancy Gilbertsen
      • Jennifer Glenn
      • Gretchen Gombos
      • Francisco Xavier Gomez-Bellenge
      • Joe Goodman
      • Patti Hambley
      • Marlena Harper
      • David Harrison
      • Curtis Haugtvedt
      • Julianne Hensel
      • James Hill
      • Twhila Holley
      • Caitlin Hutchinson
      • Tai Johnson
      • Allison Jones
      • Amanda Kallach
      • Patrick Kielty
      • Jana Lithgow
      • Robert Lount
      • Betsy Ludwig
      • Brian Lum
      • Anil Makhija
      • Whitney Mantonya
      • Hsueh-Yi Mao
      • Noella Mascarenhas
      • Jamie Mathews-Mead
      • Kelly Mathiesen
      • Jennie McAndrew
      • Jennifer McLendon
      • Stephanie Medors
      • Katie  Mellett
      • Jennifer Mercer
      • Beth Miller
      • Bernadette Minton
      • Brian Mittendorf
      • Jill O'Neill
      • Lorraine Pennyman
      • Andrea Prud'homme
      • Kelly Reo
      • Steve Salopek
      • Kathryn Scheid
      • Bonnie Schroeder
      • Amy Sheneman
      • Ty Shepfer
      • Austin Shields
      • Heidi Shull
      • Kannan Srikanth
      • Sarah Steenrod
      • Ismael Talke
      • Ben Tepper
      • Cynthia Turner
      • Bill Wattercutter
      • Michelle Weingartner
      • Amy Weisbach
      • Darius Whitaker
      • Keira Williams
      • Mandy Williams
      • Zeynip Yavic
      • Chad Zipfel
      • Open/Close Fisher Staff Awards

        The Coykendale Awards

        The Coykendale Rising Star Award is presented to a staff member with less than five years of service at Fisher, while the Coykendale Service Excellence Award is reserved for a staff member with five or more years of Fisher service. Award winners demonstrate commitment and contribution to one or more of the core values of the college and provide consistent and excellent job performance, promote a positive and motivating work environment, and provide outstanding service to all.

        • Coykendale Rising Star Award: Lauren Faherty, coordinator of graduate student engagement, Graduate Programs Office
        • Coykendale Service Excellence Award: David Harrison, senior director, Office of Diversity and Inclusion Student Services and Corporate and Community Outreach

        The Fisher Diversity Champion Award

        This award recognizes a staff member who has five or more years of service and who goes beyond their official job duties to promote and enhance diversity and inclusion at the college. The award winner exemplifies the views that diversity is our strength and that equity in its many forms permeates our culture.

        • Fisher Diversity Champion Award: Keira Williams, program manager, Office of Global Business

        The Fisher Culture Champion Award

        This award recognizes a staff member who serves as an unsung hero, working to support colleagues, often without fanfare or recognition. A culture champion exemplifies servant leadership, making a positive impact on all those around them.

        • Fisher Culture Champion: Sara Hartman, marketing manager, Office of Marketing and Communications

        The Fisher Innovator of the Year

        This award recognizes a staff member who is not satisfied with conducting business as usual, but rather consistently looks for new and innovative ways to satisfy Fisher’s core mission. The innovator thinks outside the box and convinces others to pursue new paths and take new ventures that help move the college forward.

        • Fisher Innovator of the Year: Andrea Evans, academic advising manager, Undergraduate Programs and Advising Office
      • Open/Close Fisher Values Awards

        Fisher Values Awards recognize staff members who go above and beyond in their roles to incorporate the college’s values.

        • Integrity: Robyn Scholl, associate director, Charles A. Dice Center for Financial Economics
        • Empathy: Audrey Bledsoe, director, Undergraduate Career Services and Education
        • Diversity: Marlena Harper, program manager, Undergraduate Programs and Advising Office
        • Community: Matt Waitkus, academic advising manager, Undergraduate Programs and Advising Office
        • Social Responsibility: Laurie Spadaro, director of admissions and operations, Executive Education
        • Creativity: Nancy Gilbertsen, corporate and graduate relations specialist, Office of Career Management