Twenty-two-year-old Dignity Ruebensaal will walk across the stage to receive her bachelor’s degree in business management and administration having already secured a full-time job.

The Ohio State University at Mansfield student from Chippewa Lake says she has the campus internship program to thank for her good fortune.

“In 2016, I got an email from Tracy Bond, the campus internship coordinator, with a list of internship opportunities in the Mansfield area,” said Ruebensaal. “I wanted to work in human resources, and there was a paid internship at Catalyst Life Services in human resources.”

Ruebensaal sought help with her résumé and interview preparation through the campus internship office. She then applied, landed the interview and got the internship.

Catalyst Life Services is a private, non-profit, outpatient center that provides comprehensive mental health and addiction services to adults and children.

“During my internship, I got to help with new employee screenings, reviewing old applications, developing training packets, new employee recruiting and holiday event planning,” said Ruebensaal.

When the internship ended, Ruebensaal was sad and hoped there would be an opportunity for her to return. That’s why she was ecstatic when Catalyst Life Services contacted her in the summer of 2017.

“I got a call from the human resources director asking if I wanted to come back for an extended paid internship,” said Ruebensaal. “Of course I said, ‘Yes!’”

The extended paid internship turned into a full-time position in the finance department. Ruebensaal now holds the title of accounts receivable and grants coordinator.

“I am so grateful for the internship opportunity I got from Ohio State Mansfield,” said Ruebensaal. “It gave me an opportunity to figure out what I enjoy and the opportunity to audition for a full-time position.”

Ruebensaal believes the internship and the opportunity provided to her is only one of many examples as to why the Mansfield campus was the right choice for her college education.

“I changed my major from political science so I could complete my degree in Mansfield,” said Ruebensaal. “I like that it’s small. There are so many great opportunities for students. The academic, research and career development opportunities are abundant, and there is less competition for those opportunities on a smaller campus. The faculty and staff want to see you succeed and are very supportive. I’m so grateful for Ohio State Mansfield.”

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