When Tim Kelly (BSBA ’18) reflects on his time as an Accounting Honors student at Fisher, he can’t help but speak fondly of the memorable experiences he had in the Honors Cohort program. From the impactful opportunities he had to travel domestically and abroad, to the lifelong friendships he forged, the Honors Cohort program stands out as an unforgettable part of his years as a Fisher student.

Tim Kelly

What is your favorite business school-related memory from Ohio State or Fisher?

I had the opportunity to work as a teaching assistant for the introductory accounting courses my junior and senior years. The initial class session I led was unforgettable. I became incredibly nervous about making a mistake from the moment I welcomed the 40 students into the room and soon found all eyes on me. When the class concluded, I felt a sense of relief for having gone through every question without a single mistake. I looked back at all the work I had done on the board to find that my handwriting needed some serious work.

What are your professional plans following graduation?

Following graduation in spring 2018, I worked toward completing the CPA license in preparation for joining Deloitte as an auditor in the New York City office in fall 2018. I had the opportunity to intern with the firm during the summer after my junior year, and it was a great experience. I am excited about the opportunities Deloitte will bring in the city I always dreamed would be the place I call home.

Which Ohio State or Fisher programs made a significant impact in your life? Why?

The Honors Cohort program was an amazing opportunity during my time at Fisher. I learned so much from those in my cohort class and from the experiences we shared. So many of the relationships forged through the program have and will continue long after graduation. Traveling to places such as Brazil, Washington, D.C., and San Francisco with the program was an unforgettable part of my college experience. Program Director Ty Shepfer worked endlessly to provide an unparalleled experience. We were constantly challenged to better ourselves, each other and our community. We accomplished so much and grew so close over the course of two years that the program felt more like a family than a class.

Why did you choose your area of study at Fisher?

Coming into Fisher, I had the desire to focus on a quantitatively oriented specialization. I was unsure what that would be until taking the first introductory accounting course. I found it challenging, but in a way that played to my strengths. I spoke to upperclassmen in the major and recruiters in the industry to understand the career paths available to me, and it soon became clear that pursuing a career in accounting was the right path for me.

Do you have a favorite business faculty member or mentor who helped shape who you are today?

Accounting Professor Marc Smith was a very influential professor, boss and mentor to me during my Fisher career. The introductory accounting courses that pushed me to the major were taught by him, and I was able to work for him as a teaching assistant. In addition, I had the pleasure of being in a couple of his upper-level accounting courses. Marc’s work ethic and enthusiasm made my time as a student and TA transformative and memorable. I look forward to his continued mentorship as well as my continued success against him in fantasy football.