Gloria LaCourse

During her year on campus, Gloria LaCourse (MAcc ’18) had opportunities to get involved through MAcc Gives Back, a day of community outreach for students, faculty, staff and alumni; and Project THRIVE, a program that creates a community of minority and underrepresented Accounting and Management Information Systems students that is equipped to succeed at Fisher and beyond. Today, she’s working as a postgraduate technical assistant at the Governmental Accounting Standards Board.

What is your favorite business school-related memory from Ohio State or Fisher?

My favorite Fisher memory was our MAcc Gives Back activity, where my program volunteered at a local farm that provided low-cost vegetables to those in need. We were able to help them get their fields ready and set up a new irrigation system for the next harvest. Being able to come together with my classmates in support of a good cause was a great way to end the year in a positive and family-style fashion.

What are your professional plans following graduation?

I am currently at the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) completing a one-year program as a postgraduate technical assistant. After I am finished here, I plan to continue my career in public accounting with one of the Big Four firms in Chicago.

Which Ohio State or Fisher programs made a significant impact in your life? Why?

My program has opened endless doors for my future career in accounting. In my year in the MAcc program, I was able to meet other students and future professionals who came to Ohio State from all over the world. Additionally, I was part of Project THRIVE, which is a group that introduces underrepresented students to careers in accounting. The cultural diversity stimulated both personal and intellectual growth, allowing me to improve overall as a person. Additionally, it has created a widespread network of colleagues that offers countless personal development opportunities in the future.

Why did you choose your area of study at Fisher?

I chose Fisher’s Master of Accounting program because of the great things I’d heard from previous graduates. I did my undergrad in Michigan and always heard that Ohio State had a great accounting program with a strong focus on diversity. Diversity promotes a higher level of thinking and enables us students to grow both intellectually and personally. That, in combination with the prestige of Fisher’s program, led me to Ohio State.

Do you have a favorite business faculty member or mentor who helped shape who you are today?

Professor Tzachi Zach has really had an impact on my time at Fisher. He was always willing to help with any issues that arose in classes and never turned anyone away from his office. He also personally helped me get my current job at the Governmental Accounting Standards Board. He really pushed me to take a new opportunity that may have been intimidating but has now propelled my career prospects further than I could ever imagine.