Christina AluttoFisher College of Business holds a special place in Christina Alutto’s heart. Not only was it the college her father, Dr. Joseph Alutto, led for nearly two decades as Dean, but it was where she was able to show her children how important it is to set and achieve personal goals.

What did graduating from Ohio State mean to you?

Accomplishment and commitment. I wanted to show my children the importance of accomplishing goals you set for yourself. Commitment to yourself, your family and your community is paramount. We are a global community, but it's critical to remember that positive effect very often starts small, or even individually. Education is elemental in this regard.

Tell us about some off your recent accomplishments.

Immediately after graduating from Ohio State with my MBA, I started my current position as Director of Administration at SWACO, the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio. I am in charge of the human resources, information technology, finance and legal departments. In this role, I have led my teams to create value, save public dollars and create a culture of trust and accountability.

How did your time at Fisher prepare you for your current position and career?

The leadership as well as strategy courses at Fisher equipped me for unique and varied situations across business and in the public sector.

Many people question why I earned an MBA rather than an MPA given my involvement in the public sector. My response is always that as public stewards we should always strive for the same discipline, innovation and entrepreneurship as the private sector. This is how we can behave as the best public stewards. We keep our eyes on the present, appreciate the knowledge of our history, and our imagination to the future.

Do you have a favorite Fisher faculty member who helped shape who you are today?

I would be remiss if I didn't mention my father, Joe Alutto. My dad has had a huge influence shaping who I am today. My dad has always pushed us to be better than we are today. People joke that I am not happy unless I have more things on my plate than I should be able to handle. I joke back that it must be genetic.

What advice would you give to a current student at Fisher?

For current students, especially the working professionals, I would say milk this experience with your whole heart. Put a lot into it and you'll get even more out of it. Enjoy it—even when you're exhausted, it's an experience that you'll be glad you had!