Alex Jackson (MBLE '10)Alex Jackson (MBLE ’10) is one of many MBLE alumni working at more than 150 companies in 15 countries. At DHL, Alex helps global companies design supply chains to meet their ongoing challenges. Alex shares his perspectives on his MBLE experience.

Why did you choose to go through the MBLE program?

I have always loved learning and education in general. After gaining some real-world experience and exploring the professional climate of the workplace, I was certain I wanted to return to school to get an advanced degree. Knowing that I had strong technical skills and loved solving problems, but also recognizing the need for business acumen, I debated between a master’s degree in engineering and an MBA. During my research, I became aware of the MBLE program, and it was a perfect fit!

What have been some of your greatest takeaways from the program?

One of the greatest takeaways from the MBLE program was the confidence and business savvy I obtained from Fisher College of Business. Being surrounded by so many high achievers challenged me and enabled me to become the confident professional I am now.

What connections were you able to make while in the program, and how have those helped advance your career?

The MBLE program provided me with a host of professional connections, including the connection to DHL Supply Chain, my current employer. Aside from DHL, I was exposed to many supply chain professionals through the mix of on-site facility tours, Fisher networking events and in-class guest speakers throughout my time at Ohio State.

If you had one word to describe your time in the MBLE program, what would it be?

If I had to describe my time in the MBLE program at Ohio State in one word, it would be serendipitous. Looking back at it now, everything fell right into place for me, starting from my decision to return to grad school, to choosing the MBLE program, to finding my role in the workplace and doing things I love while being surrounded by opportunity.