Students in Fisher’s MBA for Working Professionals program had the opportunity to explore the leadership behind one of the country’s most successful real estate companies, as Bobby Schottenstein spent time on campus engaging with the Fisher community.

Schottenstein, chairman, president and CEO of M/I Homes, shared his insights as the leader of the home construction company his family founded in 1976. Schottenstein, who became CEO in 2003, talked about his leadership philosophy, his principles and the influential figures who helped shape them. He also shared insights into how he successfully navigated M/I Home through the Great Recession, leadership that was honored in 2008 as Builder Magazine’s “Builder of the Year.”

“He spoke about the importance of humility in leadership,” said WPMBA student Michael Clark. “He shared a story on how M/I Homes was able to make it through the housing crisis of 2008. He credited a lot of the success to his team, specifically his CFO who convinced him to sell a good portion of their assets before the walls came tumbling down.”

Schottenstein’s visit with WPMBA students represented just one facet of his engagement with the Fisher community. He serves on both the executive committee and the advisory board for The Ohio State Center for Real Estate, and is a frequent speaker at center events. At the university level, he is a member of The Wexner Medical Center Board and serves on The Ohio State University Foundation Board. From 2005-2014, Schottenstein served as a Trustee of The Ohio State University and was chairman from 2012-2014.

Schottenstein was one of four business leaders invited to speak with this WPMBA cohort this academic year.

“Engaging with recognized business leaders helps us to move beyond theories and case studies into the real world,” said student Angela Conti. “The case studies and theories are helpful; they position us to know what questions to ask. Having a successful leader in front of the class allows us to interact and ask those questions.”

“It also allows us to see how the theories play out in real life. Professor (Stephanie) Wapner brought in four successful business leaders. They each had different personalities and a different approach to leadership, giving us a chance to see a variety of ways to use what we've learned in class.”

Engaging with recognized business leaders helps us to move beyond theories and case studies into the real world."

Angela ContiWPMBA student