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The Honors Cohort Program at Fisher welcomed its 20th class this academic year, and Ohio State men’s basketball coach Thad Matta helped the group launch a one-year service initiative.

The Honors Cohort Impact Challenge placed students on four teams that will be responsible for planning and executing a community service project, a key component of the Cohort experience. The projects will provide a context for leadership, communication skills, creativity, collaboration, teamwork and resourcefulness, while building awareness and sensitivity to different challenges in the community.

“Giving back is a critical component and a core value of the Honors Cohort program,” said Ty Shepfer, senior lecturer and director of the Honors Cohort Program. “The Impact Challenge is a signature project that will challenge students in ways they have never been challenged before.”

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Honors Cohort students discuss the program's Impact Challenge, a year-long service project.

Matta, the all-time winningest men’s basketball coach at Ohio State, discussed with the Cohort students the importance of building trust within teams, of humility and of giving back. He also shared his story of perseverance as a graduate assistant working his way up from the very bottom. He encouraged the students to embrace the journey and not to rush to the “corner office.”

Matta pointed to key mentors who helped cultivate his success and challenged the students to start paying forward now.

“The legacy that you build is based on the people that you have a positive impact on, not the wealth you accumulate,” Matta said.

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Ohio State men's basketball coach Thad Matta talks with students in Fisher's Honors Cohort program about leadership and the powerful impact of giving back.

Honors Cohort is a rigorous two-year academic program that provides 30 top Fisher students with opportunities to grow their leadership, service, interpersonal communication and critical thinking skills.

Tyler (Ty) Shepfer Senior Lecturer, Director, Honors Cohort Program, Academic Director, Master of Human Resource Management Program
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