Camille Pipino at Pelotonia 2019

Pelotonia is a crucial weapon in the fight against cancer. However, it would not be a reality without volunteers, who offer their time and talents to support the mission.

Two Fisher staff members shared their reasons for volunteering and why it’s so important to help the college reach its $15,000 total fundraising goal. 

Camille Pipino, program assistant for the Department of Accounting and Management Information Systems (AMIS), said she has been involved with Pelotonia for the past eight years. Her journey began when friends asked her to ride with them.

“I raised the money and it was one of the most transformative weekends I’ve ever experienced,” she said. “Throughout the ride, there were people who came out of their houses with cowbells and signs stating things like ‘You saved my wife!’”

She described the atmosphere as “empowering and exciting.”

Fast forward to 2019, her third year as a head volunteer. She spent the event setting up and tearing down food and beverage tents, along with overseeing other volunteers, within her site at the 45-mile finish — Bevelhymer Park in New Albany. She also raised $1,600.

And even though this year’s ride is over, Pipino hopes Fisher staff and faculty continue to donate until the October 4 deadline to help crack that $15,000 mark.

“Pelotonia inspires and empowers communities to become even closer, so I think giving back to people you work with on a daily basis and that you share those bonds with is cool,” she said.

Christine Benadum, associate director of special events, said she volunteers because she is tired of hearing the word “cancer.”

“I’m even more tired of having it affect the lives of so many people I care about,” she said. “It seems like every week I add someone else to my prayer list — whether it be a patient, a survivor, a caregiver or sadly, a family of those who lost someone to this terrible disease.”

She surpassed her personal fundraising goal this year by 27 percent through her actions as a virtual rider, which are individuals who raise money without riding in the event. She raised $360 from selling tickets in the Buckeye Raffle, a university-wide fundraising tool, and an additional $275 in direct contributions to Pelotonia through Fisher’s Peloton.

Like Pipino, Benadum hopes people will donate this month.

“Personally, I like to donate most of my efforts through Fisher because it’s a great way for me to support my pride of the Team Buckeye Peloton, which encompasses the whole university, while supporting my colleagues here at Fisher,” she said.

Donate  to the Fisher Peloton's $15,000 fundraising goal.