A global perspective is crucial for leaders of today’s companies to maintain a competitive edge in our increasingly globalized economy.

That’s why the educational experience at Fisher includes a strong international focus as part of the curriculum. It’s a perspective that differentiates our graduates. Although a global perspective is infused within the coursework at Fisher, it’s the opportunity to experience different cultures firsthand that makes for a truly impactful experience for students.

Dr. Joseph Alutto
Dr. Joseph A. Alutto

That’s the idea behind the Joseph A. Alutto Global Leadership Initiative, which was created in 2013 by The Ohio State University, along with gifts from friends and colleagues, to honor Dr. Alutto for his deep commitment to advancing international educational opportunities. Dr. Alutto, distinguished professor, emeritus at Fisher College of Business, served as two-time interim university president, executive vice president and provost, as well as dean of the Max M. Fisher College of Business.

The Alutto Global Leadership Initiative extends Fisher’s emphasis on experiential learning beyond the classroom by providing students learning opportunities that can’t be duplicated in the classroom. And, it can make an immediate impact on students by helping them choose a major and solidify their career aspirations.

“Our network of global experts and alumni share their experiences with our students and help them develop a deeper appreciation of other cultures and ideas,” Alutto said. “We believe this exposure is essential for lifelong learning as well as effective leadership.”

For alumni and friends of Fisher, giving to the Alutto Global fund provides a meaningful opportunity to directly impact the learning experience of undergraduate and graduate students at Fisher, today and for years to come— students like Tori Weiner and Jesse Wildman.

Tori Weiner
Tori Weiner

Weiner, a sophomore majoring in real estate, had the opportunity to travel to Europe in May 2016 after completing the Intro to International Business course at Fisher. For Weiner, who spent most of her time in Zurich, Switzerland, and Torino, Italy, it was an experience that influenced the direction of her studies.

“Reflecting back on the trip, those two-hour company visits ignited the reality of college, deciding on a major, and creating the start to my future,” Weiner said. “Seeing the variety of options and reliable career paths inspired me to further research finance once back at school and envision myself at one of those investment firms.”

Jesse Wildman
Jesse Wildman

For Wildman, a sophomore majoring in marketing, it was the opportunity to travel to Europe for the first time and visit nearly 15 companies in wide-ranging industries that was particularly memorable.

“The trip was incredible—10 action-filled days, two countries, five cities, very little sleep, great people, amazing memories. This was my, as well as many of the other students’, first time overseas.”

Wildman’s experience traveling to Europe as part of the Freshman Global Lab ignited an interest in international business. He’s now considering career opportunities in international business and plans to travel abroad in summer of 2017.

Thanks to the generous support of donors, the Alutto Global Leadership Initiative continues to provide students with meaningful international experiences.