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Why do we shop the way we do? What traits make for effective leadership? How can companies increase operational efficiencies?

Fisher Forefront, a new research-specific resource, is showcasing the world-class thought leadership and insights of Fisher College of Business faculty, and connecting that knowledge with business practitioners.

Created in consultation with Fisher’s research community, Forefront provides a comprehensive collection of research translations, and media and news items that feature the high-caliber academic work being conducted by faculty members from each of Fisher’s academic departments and its centers of excellence.

Forefront is a bold step forward in delivering leading-edge research from our researchers to those who need these insights the most — the business community,” said Anil K. Makhija, dean and John W. Berry, Sr. Chair in Business at Fisher. “This critical intersection of theory and practice offers incredible potential for our researchers and our partners, many of whom look to Fisher to improve, advance or disrupt the way business is conducted — now and in the future.”

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“Research findings published in top-tier academic journals, although very important, do not always reach the business community immediately,” said Aravind Chandrasekaran, associate professor of operations and a member of Fisher’s Faculty Research Committee. “Forefront is a great resource for transferring some of these important findings from our faculty to immediate consumption in practice.”

Forefront provides business leaders, industry professionals, academic thought leaders and media members access to searchable, relevant research across a number of topics — from behavioral economics to leadership to operational excellence and more.

“There’s inherent value — for faculty members and for the college — to having timely and relevant research that’s easily accessible and consumable,” said Rebecca Reczek, a professor of marketing and a member of Fisher’s Faculty Research Committee. “Many of us are looking for ways to bring our research to the public, and Forefront is an exciting channel to help make that happen.”