International Business

Building on its commitment to providing students with critical opportunities to gain global skills and perspectives, Fisher College of Business has launched an International Business minor for undergraduates.

The minor, which launches in autumn semester 2018, will provide students on the Columbus campus with opportunities to:

  • complement their major studies with a deeper understanding of how the global economy works
  • develop a greater appreciation of business opportunities and risks associated with a more interconnected world
  • prepare for careers working in cross-national environments

“One thing we can all agree on is that our world is getting smaller and much more connected,” said Mona Makhija, professor of management and human resources at Fisher. “The International Business minor is the perfect way for undergraduate students at Fisher to augment their major with an offering that provides them with the insights to understand how business is conducted on a global scale. Knowing why companies choose to enter certain markets as well as the risks and cultural considerations involved in international business are skills that are beneficial — no matter the discipline.”

Faculty with international business experience from Fisher’s Department of Management and Human Resources will serve as advisors for students enrolled in the 15-credit-hour minor. The new offering includes the following courses:

  • Introduction to International Business
  • International Business Strategies
  • Cross-cultural management
  • Institutions of the International Business Environment
  • An additional six credit hours chosen from a variety of course offerings at Fisher and across The Ohio State University

There is no application process for the International Business minor.

More information about the International Business minor