PwC Diversity

As part of Fisher’s longstanding and continued commitment to diversity and inclusion, the college recently hosted a series of key events that both celebrated individuals and partners who contribute to Fisher’s diversity and inclusion efforts and advanced a college-wide dialogue about diversity of all types and the ways the college can enhance inclusion.

2017 Fisher Diversity Awards

Fisher students, faculty, staff, partners and friends gathered for the college’s 16th annual Diversity Awards. The event recognizes corporate partners who have championed diversity and whose mission of inclusion aligns with that of the college.

Motorists Insurance and Wendy’s Quality Supply Chain Co-op (QSSC) Inc., were honored as the Corporate Award winners for their partnership with the Pathways for Women’s Excellence in Supply Chain program. The new initiative provided scholarships to eight first-year undergraduate women at Fisher, connected them with mentors from Motorists and QSSC and provided coaching from Fisher professors.

Alliance Data was nominated for the Corporate Award.

2017 Fisher Diversity Awards

Edwin Jones (BSBA ’08, MBA ’15) was honored as the Individual Diversity Award winner. Jones, a client representative at IBM, received recognition for his longstanding involvement with Fisher, particularly with the Accounting Careers and Awareness Program (ACAP-Ohio), where he served as its executive director as an MBA student from 2013-2015.

“It’s truly an honor to receive a service award,” Jones said. “I don’t give my time and talents to students and rising professionals because I am looking for recognition. I do it because it should be done. At every stage in our life, someone has helped us along the way and it’s incredibly selfish to not help someone else regardless of how we are different.

“Thank you to those who have helped me and still helping me to this day and I’m looking forward to who I help next.”

Ayanna Bennett, Ian Blount, Angela Cauley and Kim Manigault were nominated for the Individual Award.

Current MBA student Carlos Gaztambide received the Student Perseverance Award.

“Fisher is proud to recognize all of our winners, our nominees and everyone who advances diversity and inclusion here at the college and in organizations throughout the state,” said David Harrison, senior director of Fisher’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion Student Services and Corporate and Community Outreach. “These individuals have demonstrated their commitment to creating environments and opportunities for all students. And for that we commend them.”

PwC’s Let’s Have A Conversation About Race, Gender, Privilege, Ethnicity, Inclusion, Sexual Orientation, Culture and Religion

The importance of diversity and its many forms was the focus of a recent forum. Titled Let’s Have a Conversation: A Conversation About Race, Gender, Privilege, Ethnicity, Inclusion, Sexual Orientation, Culture and Religion, the meeting brought together Fisher students, faculty and staff for a discussion about the importance of diversity, particularly in the workplace.

The evening was facilitated by Steffanie Wilk, associate dean for diversity and inclusion and associate professor of management and human resources; Cynthia Turner, senior lecturer in the Department of Accounting & Management Information Systems; and PwC representatives Ryan Swincicki, audit partner, and Adam Van Treese, campus talent acquisition manager.

Sponsored by PwC, the inaugural meeting featured presentations from the facilitators, which included research data about the value diverse teams bring to the workplace, and concluded with roundtable discussions among the attendees that provided opportunities to share personal experiences related to diversity and inclusion.

PwC Diversity Conversation

Fisher student Kaylah Wicker, a fourth-year accounting major, said she didn’t know what to expect leading up to the event.

“It showed me how important diversity is within everyday life,” Wicker said. “Things you don’t really think about with how different people think, regardless of whether you’re in the minority or in the majority, people can still feel left out in different areas.”

Van Treese, of PwC, said the evening was a success.

“I’m very pleased with the number of Fisher students, faculty and staff who attended this discussion,” he said. “The depth of the discussions during our breakout session was impressive. It was great to see that level of engagement around a topic that, quite frankly, is difficult.”

Xuejing Xu, a third-year accounting major, said she appreciated the fact that the evening was neither a presentation nor a lecture, but a conversation among people of different genders, cultures and experiences.

“Sharing their stories with others is a breakthrough for people who are trying to step out of their comfort zone,” Xu said. “I believe that for everyone, the event was a new start, because through expressing ourselves and listening to others, we can open our minds and get to know ourselves and others better.”

At the evening’s conclusion, Wilk encouraged attendees to remain mindful about diversity and inclusion throughout their daily lives.

“Tonight was not a one-time event,” Wilk said. “The discussion around diversity and inclusion is a process.”