Dr. Neil Drobny has been elected to the Board of Directors of the International Society for Sustainability Professionals (ISSP). Drobny, who teaches courses on sustainable business practices at Fisher, will serve a two-year term on the ISSP board.

ISSP was formed 10 years ago to provide people working around the world with a centralized resource for establishing sustainability as a professional endeavor. ISSP provides education and training resources and robust professional certification opportunities to members and non-members worldwide who possess the requisite credentials. The ISSP certification was designed following the internationally recognized standard ISO 17024, which sets out rigorous criteria for an organization’s certification program for individual persons.

“As a member of the ISSP Board, I look forward to promoting student engagement in ISSP, including achievement of associate-level certification, as a means of gaining a strong differentiating credential for job searches,” Drobny said.

Drobny earned his ISSP certification as a Sustainability Professional in 2016. He serves as the faculty advisor for the Ohio State Chapter of Net Impact, an international student organization that promotes the integration of sustainability and business. He is also a faculty representative on an advisory committee investigating the privatization of energy assets at Ohio State.