Cole Williams on a path with two dogs

Cole Williams (BSBA ’18) holds his Fisher experience close to his heart. Coming from a small high school with a graduating class of only 28 students, Fisher opened his eyes to how big and grand the world is.  

“A man only dreams of what he knows. When you know small, you are limited in thought. When you know big, you are able to think bigger,” says Cole.

For Cole, Fisher brought that concept to life and was the launching pad for his future.

How did Fisher prepare you for your career?

Cole Williams headshopt
Cole Williams (BSBA '18)

In the larger scope, I found my job with PepsiCo at one of Fisher’s career fairs. On a more micro level, Fisher taught me about networking and social capital, and about the importance of data.

The practical application of what I learned at Fisher continues to impact me daily. A perfect example is how the lessons learned from my ethics class about the consequence of shipping bad product is something I face in my current role as a manufacturing associate supervisor. I am constantly able to build upon success in my work environment with the tools I’ve been given, whether that is a new way of looking at things, standardizing information, strategizing and problem solving, or just outright thinking in an unconventional way. 

What is your favorite memory from Fisher?

In the classroom, I really enjoyed (Senior Lecturer in Management Sciences) Doug Evans’ crazy paper airplane class. He broke down the material in a way that made sense and showed us the importance of a proper process and how to effectively brainstorm. 

Outside of the classroom, some of the best business insights were the career fairs, networking with other students during group projects and the lean Six Sigma green belt class.

Did you have a favorite place on campus? Why was it special?

I loved the Thompson Library. I felt honored to be in such a beautiful place and to be able to do my schoolwork there. When I needed to refresh my soul and remember my purpose, I would go to the library (particularly the large sunroom) and gaze at the grandiosity while studying. I think the peace I felt there was like a calm wave of reassurance to my soul. 

What did it mean to you to graduate from Ohio State?

Graduating from Ohio State meant following a dream and seeing it through. It was the only school I had applied to and the only school that I wanted to go to. Fisher taught me so much beyond school — so much beyond what I had ever known about myself.

As a first-generation college student, my family swelled with pride on the day I walked down the red carpet to get my degree.

Most importantly, graduating from Ohio State meant a bright future. 

Tell us about some of your recent accomplishments.

Cole Williams being sworn in to Air National Guard with man in uniform.
Cole Williams recently joined the Air National Guard.

Ohio State equipped me with a unique mindset on how I view the world and an unshakeable desire to succeed. I can see now how I have grown as a leader in my job and find new ways to apply my education all the time.

Ohio State gave me the confidence to pursue new and different opportunities. I have decided to enroll in a local college to obtain my MBA in finance and have signed up for the Air National Guard.

What advice would you give to a current student or recent Fisher graduate?

You are at the pinnacle moment of defining your life trajectory and you should be having the best time of your life doing it. The choices you make today are attached to tomorrow, and some of life’s greatest adventures are when you step off the beaten trail. Keep the future in mind, work on your resume and get exposure to new ideas, places, people and things. But, while keeping the future in mind, don’t forget to live in the moment.