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Cynthia Harris was excited when she was asked to make a virtual appearance at the college that had given her so much.

Harris (MBA ’13) jumped at the chance to meet with current Fisher students who, with the help of the OCM, were embarking on their search for their first post-graduate jobs.

Cynthia Harris
Cynthia Harris (MBA '13)

“The office was incredible for me when I was a graduate student, so the opportunity to give back specifically to that office was really exciting,” said Harris, who is now the founder of 8:28 Consulting, a marketing research firm.

The session was part of a series of virtual talks hosted by the OCM throughout 2020 and 2021 that connected Fisher students with successful alumni whose careers have been shaped by the office and its services.

Harris’ presentation, part of the “Networking at Noon” series, included insight and advice for current students as she shared her own journey. The session ended up being a win-win for Harris as well as Emily Hong, a student at the time. Hong later became an intern for Harris.

“She was interested in qualitative research, so she reached out, we connected and formed a relationship,” Harris said.

Hong (MBA ’21) went on to secure a full-time position with another local organization, which she was able to land in part due to her internship with Harris.

Lisa Walsh headshot
Lisa Walsh (MBA '18)

“It was incredible to lend her the opportunity to learn from our business. She worked hands-on with a client project, which was really exciting for her,” Harris said. “What I thought was just going to be 30 minutes to an hour with students really turned into an amazing relationship with Emily, and I’m hoping that these virtual sessions will be the start of future relationships with other students as well.”

Lisa Walsh (MBA ’18) also made a virtual return to Fisher during the “Wisdom Wednesdays” part of the series.

“As I was going through a full-time job search as a student, it was really the alumni network that was very helpful with how they shared their experience, tips and advice,” said Walsh, a senior customer supply chain manager at P&G. “That network is how I ended up getting my job now. So, if I can just help one person get her foot in the door somewhere, I’m always happy to give back.”

Tomee Abiodun (MBA ’19), a product marketing manager for Microsoft, was delighted by the quality of students she spoke with as a panelist in the “MBA in Technology” session.

Tomee Abiodun headshot
Tomee Abiodun (MBA '19)

“Being in their shoes only two years ago, I was very impressed by the knowledge of the students and the initiatives they have taken to stay relevant,” she said.

Abiodun’s passion for helping others, especially students, accelerate and grow in their careers was a driving force in her return to Fisher.

“I understand how confusing and challenging it can be with lots of information but little clarity out there,” she said. “I want to ensure present and future students have better experiences than I did, career-wise, and sharing my story, failures and learnings is the best way to get that done.”

This story was part of the Office of Career Management's 2020-21 Annual Report. 

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