Portrait of Lindsey Michaelis

Making connections, serving as a mentor and encouraging employees to reach their goals is at the heart of Lindsey Michaelis’ success as a human resources manager at Nestlé. 

Michaelis (BSBA ’10) shares how supporting others, advocating for yourself and finding a work/life balance lead to a successful career.

Any recent accomplishments or accolades you've received?

I was recently promoted to the director of payroll and contingent workforce management at Nestlé. I was hired by Nestlé out of college for a rotational program, where I learned about human resources processes and policies and have since worked in many different roles – human resources generalist, human resources project manager, human resources manager, senior human resources manager and director of payroll and leave management – over my 13-year career at the company. Each of these roles helped make me uniquely qualified for this promotion. Moving, working off-shifts, taking difficult assignments and taking lateral moves brought me here.

Since graduating, what are you most proud of?

Lindsey Michaelis with her son outside The Shoe
Lindsey Michaelis and a young Buckeyes fan outside The Shoe.

Finding a great work/life balance as a mom, but also finding success in my work life. An example of this was prioritizing my newborn son and taking six months off for maternity leave. As a first-generation college graduate, I have become a leader that focuses on encouraging my employees to achieve more than what they thought they could do, as a prior boss did for me.

How has Ohio State/Fisher equipped, prepared you or made a difference in your career? 

Ohio State and Fisher got me my job! Between interview prep and building relationships with major companies, they made the connection that started everything I have today. 

Now for some favorites:

Favorite business school-related or Ohio State memory?

Winning a business case competition with my “still” best friend (also a Fisher graduate).

I also met my husband at Ohio State. I bought a brick around Mirror Lake that says, "The Michaelis Family: It all started here!"

Favorite spot on campus? Why was it special?

Orton Hall that houses the Orton geological museum, as well as the Orton Memorial Geology Library. I love the bells, the museum, and the architecture. If I wasn't a business major I would have been a geology major!

What advice would you give to a current student or a new Fisher graduate?

Go to every event you can. You may meet someone or learn something that could completely change your life. At a minimum you may get a free pen or pizza!

What's the most interesting fact about you that isn't on your resume or LinkedIn profile?

I have a black belt in Taekwondo.

Thanks to Fisher and Ohio State's extensive network of alumni and friends...

I always had someone to watch a Buckeyes game with, no matter where I moved!

What causes, organizations or topics motivate you to action personally? Why?

Supporting kids in foster care. I know how important it is to have positive role models in your life.

Also, improving voter turnout – I work as a poll worker every year and canvas for candidates that support issues I care about.

What's the best piece of advice you've ever received? Why was it so meaningful?

Don't be afraid for ask for what you want and advocate for yourself. It reminds me to never assume people know what I want. It’s helpful marriage advice as well!