Specialized Master in Finance
Elective Coursework

In addition to your required SMF core coursework, your curriculum will include 15 semester hours of elective coursework (30 credit hours minimum to graduate). Electives are taken together with MBA and other graduate students in Fisher College, thus offering SMF students an opportunity to interact and collaborate with students from a diverse set of educational backgrounds and professional experiences.

Pursuing a specialization track allows you to develop valuable expertise and become attractive to employers in a specific area of finance. You will be encouraged to pursue one of the listed four tracks. Students who desire to broaden their understanding of business-related topics in areas outside finance, such as Data Analytics, Strategy, Urban Planning, Public Policy or Environmental Studies, will be allowed to take more electives upon consultation with the program's Academic Director. 


SMF Elective Courses

SMF students have the opportunity to select from additional graduate-level electives that are offered through the Fisher College of Business. Some popular electives include:

  • Data Analysis for Financial Management II (course covers SAS programming with financial applications)
  • FinTech
  • Tools for Data Analysis (introduction to R)
  • Data Analysis and Visualization

Additional electives are available to SMF students upon consultation with their Academic Advisor and the SMF Academic Director.


*If you are interested in investments, you might also be interested in the Student Investment Management (SIM) course. In this unique course, students engage in group decision-making while gaining real-world portfolio management experience with the existing SIM portfolio.

Outside of the classroom, you can strengthen your understanding of finance and broaden your professional network through our Applied Finance Speaker Series, and our affiliations with the Columbus CFA Society and Fisher’s Risk Institute and Center for Real Estate. Through these partnerships, you will participate in field trips and case competitions, and engage in an open dialog with seasoned professionals across the University and the community. Learn more here.

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