Specialized Master in Finance
Core Curriculum

The program’s required 30-credit hour curriculum covers a broad range of analytical tools, including software training that will prepare you for taking electives, a specialization track and team projects. By taking these courses with your SMF fellow students in a teamwork environment, you will also develop valuable soft skills for your future career.


Pre-Term Training and Orientation

The three-week intensive pre-term training prior to the start of the fall semester will allow you to have a head start in your studies and acclimate to Fisher College. You will attend preparatory workshops in quantitative analysis and financial economics and complete the required course Financial Analysis & Valuation that is part of the fall semester coursework.

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Additional activities include professional development and networking workshops, and networking opportunities with SMF alumni and finance professionals. At the end of the pre-term period, you will feel well prepared to begin your regular coursework.

Fall Semester

During your first semester, you follow a lock-step program of study to build strong analytical and soft skills. The core capstone team project will train you to manage team dynamics and help you to develop strong leadership skills. This set of core courses has an applied orientation that will enhance your finance skills and prepare you for advanced electives that you mostly complete in the spring semester. View the SMF program structure >

Spring Semester

In addition to your elective coursework, you will spend time during your spring semester completing your Finance Consulting Practicum. As part of this practicum, you will serve as a consultant and take the lead on a two-month project on behalf of various organizations. The task: to help create solutions for actual business needs. Deliverables and recommendations from each team will be due at the end of the semester. Learn more here.