PhD Programs
Tuition & Funding

Ohio State directs funds specifically to doctoral students at the university and college level. Grants to students come in the form of dissertation grants, fellowships, foreign government support, and military fellowships.

All admitted students into any of the Fisher PhD programs are fully funded. The funding may come in the form of fellowships, research assistantships, teaching assistantships, supplemental grants, etc. Applicants to any PhD program do not need to do anything to be considered for funding - if an applicant is admitted, s/he is funded.

For admitted PhD students who receive university fellowships, these provide funding for the first year of study and possibly multiple years. Presidential Fellowships provide funding for one year for top students to work on their dissertations full time. At the college level, there are department-specific scholarships for students at various points in their careers.

All admitted doctoral students in the college who are not otherwise funded via fellowships are funded as Graduate Teaching Associates or Graduate Research Associates. These positions may involve teaching, assisting faculty in research, and/or administrative activities. Funding is usually available for up to four years.

There are a number of other awards, stipends, and research grants available to Fisher doctoral students. In 1993 the college established a $10,000 per year travel grant system. Departments also have stipends for research funds. Some departments have individual spending accounts for doctoral students which can be used for travel or other research expenditures. Each year, the OSU Council of Graduate Students holds a research competition with cash awards for winning research.