Master of Business Operational Excellence
MBOE Support Network

Now more than ever, we understand the importance of a strong support network. The Master of Business Operational Excellence program offers an integrated system of support from day one through beyond graduation. 


  • Open/Close Sponsoring Organization

    Integral to your success in the MBOE program is your employer’s investment in time and resources. We encourage active participation from sponsors to ensure their employees and their organizations reap the benefits of improving and sustaining operational excellence.

  • Open/Close Experienced Coach

    Selected from a pool of nationally recruited experts with established reputations as effective leaders and mentors, your coach will meet with you on an ongoing basis — typically every other week — visit your worksite at least twice during the program, and work closely with you to develop and implement your Capstone Project. 

  • Open/Close World-class Faculty

    Courses are taught by experienced faculty who are accomplished educators, researchers and consultants. Their knowledge of operational excellence principles, and their ability to apply that knowledge in the classroom, creates a stimulating and challenging educational experience. Faculty in the MBOE program are accessible and hold office hours for students to connect with them between sessions. 

  • Open/Close Fellow Classmates

    You will work closely with your MBOE cohort on projects and assignments. We build our class with diversity across functions, industries and experiences. This diversity provides our students the opportunity to share and learn from unique insights.

  • Open/Close Supportive Staff

    Starting with your application and continuing through graduation, dedicated staff members are available to help you throughout your time in the program. 

  • Open/Close Center for Operational Excellence

    The Center for Operational Excellence fosters a problem-solving culture grounded in tried-and-true operational excellence tools. 

  • Open/Close Alumni network

    Graduates join a network of over 350 MBOE alumni, 82,000 Fisher alumni and over 550,000 Ohio State University alumni. Students form relationships and bonds that extend far beyond graduation. 


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MBOE Admissions

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