Master of Accounting
BSBA/MAcc Program

Undergraduate accounting majors at Fisher with grade point averages of 3.5 or higher may combine the MAcc degree with their undergraduate degree and earn both degrees concurrently. This option allows top students interested in the MAcc degree to complete the two degrees jointly and count a number of graduate courses toward both degrees. 

IMPORTANT: Applicants for the BSBA/MAcc combined program are limited to current undergraduate accounting majors in Fisher College of Business. Cumulative GPA at time of application must be at least 3.5.

Two Key Benefits

1. Time: Earn both undergraduate and graduate degrees in the same amount of time you would have earned the undergraduate degree alone.

2. Cost: You pay for one of two semesters in the MAcc program at the lower undergraduate rate. Earn your MAcc degree for less.



Watch the BSBA/MAcc Degree Recorded Webinar

How to apply to the BSBA/MAcc program

You must submit your application and application materials early during your junior (third) year of your undergraduate degree program.

For more information about the combined BSBA/MAcc degree program, contact the Graduate Programs Office no later than the end of your sophomore year at Ohio State.