Student Experience
International Students

At Fisher College of Business, you'll meet people from over 30 countries and be immersed in American culture, while sharing your culture with others. There are many opportunities to engage with others, share experiences, and get involved in the community.

Fisher and Ohio State Resources

  • Facilities

    Students have access to world class facilities at Fisher and Ohio State. The university makes every attempt to provide students with the tools and amenities they need to be successful. You'll find ample meeting space and computer labs available to facilitate your studies. Because of the variety of weather Columbus sees from season to season, Fisher, OSU and most local apartments are heated or cooled to a comfortable temperature 24 hours a day.

  • Office of Global Business

    If you wish to go beyond U.S. culture and your own, Fisher's Office of Global Business offers you first-hand experiences on continents around the globe. Or, you may choose to take our popular emerging markets elective to build your global savvy.

  • Office of International Affairs

    The Office of International Affairs introduces you to the university and Columbus and provides social, cultural and educational programs that facilitate the integration process. The expert staff offer advice on any concerns you may have helping to ensure that you have the greatest opportunity to achieve your academic and personal goals.

  • Foreign Language Center

    The Foreign Language Center at Ohio State, through innovative projects and collaborations, has developed creative approaches to teaching and studying languages and cultures.

  • Student Organizations

    Many international students find joining one of the many student organizations within Fisher and/or the university help integrate them into the culture and get them involved.


Graduate programs with an online format, such as the SMB-A program,  are unable to accept international applications for those with or seeking an F-1 or J-1 visa.

International Events in Columbus, Ohio

Columbus celebrates a number of international festivals throughout the year, each highlighting the diverse backgrounds of the Columbus residents.