Sustainability Pathway (9)

This interdisciplinary pathway is designed to provide both a business and a policy background for those interested in environmental sustainability. The courses will help students understand how companies implement and manage sustainability initiatives, while also gaining an appreciation for the social-political forces that shape discussions about it within companies and within society.

Pathway Required Courses:

BUSMHR 7640: Strategies for Business Sustainability (1.5)

BUSOBA 7253: Sustainable Operations (1.5)

ENR 8150: Advanced Environment, Risk and Decision Making (3)

ENR 7450: Frameworks and Theories of Environmental Policy (3)

Optional Relevant Courses:

ENR 5210: US Environmental Impact Assessment (3)

ENR 5400: Interventions to Promote Pro-environmental Behavior (3)

ENR 7380: Climate and Society (3)

ENR 7520: Environmental Science and Law (3)

GEOG 5301: Sustainable Transportation (3)

What is an optional pathway?

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