Strategy (6)

The Strategy Pathway for the Fisher MBA will help you in analyzing the fundamental questions that all business firms have to answer. Through examining how firms can gain and sustain competitive advantage, coordinate activities across markets, and determine the boundaries of the make/buy decision, you will prepare yourself for making strategic decisions for a variety of careers across multiple industries and functions. We offer a wide-variety of courses to fit your specific interests, including strategy classes focused on technology, M&A, business diversification, and competitor analysis. Additionally, there is the Fisher Consulting & Strategy Club, which acts as a conduit to help guide you to your next profession.

Pathway Courses: You may select any 4 from among these courses.

BUSMHR 7412: Competitive Analysis (1.5)

BUSMHR 7413: Advanced Strategic Analysis (1.5)

BUSMHR 7420: Mergers, Acquisitions and Corporate Development (1.5)

BUSMHR 7433: Advanced Strategy Implementation (3)

BUSMHR 7461: Technology and Innovation Strategy (1.5)


Optional Relevant Courses:


BUSML 7200: Marketing Strategy (1.5)

BUSMHR 7421: Intopia – Applied Competitive Strategy (3)

BUSOBA 7259: Operations and Technology Strategy (1.5)

AMIS 7220: Financial Statement Analysis I (1.5)

AMIS 7221: Financial Statement Analysis II (1.5)

What is an optional pathway?

Fisher's optional pathways are a group of classes designed to provide competence in a particular area or field. The pathways listed are only a small example of the options available through an extensive list of electives. With guidance from your coaches, you can access elective courses at Fisher and across more than 100 graduate programs at Ohio State. Contact us today to discuss how we can personalize your curriculum to your career goals.