Logistics Management Pathway (6)

As customer expectations increase, it is often the logistics function that takes the brunt of the pressure and has to find creative and cost-effective ways to deliver on the promises made. Also, as the complexity of sourcing and delivery options increase, logistics expertise becomes more critical for firm success. This pathway is designed to provide students with depth in the functional area of logistics, and prepare them for careers in logistics, supply chain or consulting.

Pathway Required Courses:

BUSML 7380: Strategic Logistics Management (1.5)

BUSML 7381: Logistics Decision Making (1.5)

BUSML 7382: Logistics Analytics (1.5)

BUSML 7386: Logistics Technology and Application (1.5)

Optional Relevant Courses:

BUSML 7387: Lean Logistics (1.5)

BUSML 7388: Field Problems in Logistics (3)

BUSML 7383: Supply Chain Management (1.5)

What is an optional pathway?

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