Business Analytics Pathway (6)

This pathway is designed to teach students methods for dealing with data, critical thinking, and problem solving in a time where data driven decision making is becoming more of the norm rather than the exception. Coursework will include attention to the decision-making process, visualization of data, tools/programs for dealing with data, and simulation, as well as focused courses specific areas in which to apply the analytic toolbox (sports, healthcare, supply chain, etc.). This pathway will provide a solid foundation for those looking to work with data as a front-line analyst, manager, or the crucial communicators between data-centric staff and upper level management.

Pathway Required Courses:

BUSOBA 7222: Simulation Risk Analysis and Decision Making (1.5)

BUSOBA 7256: Tools for Data Analysis (1.5)

BUSOBA 7257: Data Analysis and Visualization (3)

Optional Relevant Courses:

BUSOBA 7258: Sports Analytics for Business (1.5)

BUSML 7219.02: Customer Management, Pricing, and Analytics I

BUSML 7204.02: Customer Management, Pricing, and Analytics II

BUSML 7201: Marketing Research and Analytics (1.5)

BUSOBA 7260: Applied Data Analytics Projects (3)

ACCTMIS 7640: Data Mining for Business Intelligence (1.5)

CSE 5521: Survey of Artificial Intelligence 1: Basic Techniques (2)

ISE 5760: Visual Analytics and Sensemaking (3)


What is an optional pathway?

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