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Audencia Business School

Explore your opportunity to study at Audencia Business School in France.

Please note that you may NOT contact or apply to the host institution until you have been accepted to the Student Exchange program through the Fisher College of Business. Information on this page is subject to change.

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Application Program Code: FCOB UG IB

Location: Nantes, France (Learn more)

Institution Factsheet: Audencia's Exchange Factsheet

Institution Webpage: Audencia's Home Webpage / Audencia's Exchange Webpage

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  • Term Dates

    Autumn Semester: Aug- Dec

    Spring Semester: Jan-June

    Other Notes:

    • To avoid delaying graduation, students should not apply to participate in the exchange program in their graduating semester. Foreign transcripts take longer to process into OSU systems.
    • By selecting Spring term exchange, students agree to commit to the full spring term at our partners.
  • Past Offered Courses
    • Audencia's Course List
      A selected list of courses are offered in English, but you may take courses in the local language if you are comfortable to do so. Local language proficiency is recommended but not required.
    • Audencia's Past Course Equivalency List
      The above past course equivalency list provided by the Office of Global Business is a list of course equivalencies that have been approved in the past and this data is shared as a reference. It is NOT guaranteed that these courses will be offered on the term you go abroad, nor that these courses are equivalent to Ohio State University's currently offered courses. You are limited to this list of courses for direct equivalency. You are free to take courses offered at our partner institution outside of this list, but courses not on this list will come back as a free elective course (BUSADM 5797: Study at a Foreign Institution).


    • Students may take courses from the Master's in Management program at Audencia, but courses will be evaluated as Undergraduate courses at OSU. This is due to the different education structure in France.
    • Specialization courses at Audencia are offered as packages. You will not have the freedom to pick from different specializations at Audencia if you choose this track. The three specializations that are offered in English are "International Business Strategy and Development" (Autumn only. Program includes 3 month project with a French company. Brochure link provided in "Institution Factsheet" section above.), "International Strategic Management and Consulting", and "Marketing for Product Manager".
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