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Grace Figliomeni

Discovering how to make a difference: Grace Figliomeni 

Grace Figliomeni's participation in the Fisher Global Consulting: Non-Profit program helped spark a passion for supporting local businesses and empowering women. After graduation, Grace is doing both with her newly discovered career path in social entrepreneurship.

Virtual Case Competition Enhances Students' Global Competencies 

Through global partnerships, the BisNet Virtual Case Competition connects Fisher students with leaders and companies in South America. The Office of Global Business team designed a case competition based on a real-world plan by Amazon to build a data center in South America. Participating students were given the opportunity to collaborate with teams and recommend a potential location in Argentina or Chile. 

Partnerships Continuing to Build On Students' Global Perspectives

Students from across the United States participated in the U.S. Future Leaders Career Readiness Seminar, a virtual event hosted by Fisher's Office of Global Business and the Tim and Kathleen Keenan Center for Entrepreneurship at Ohio State. This seminar gave students the opportunity to analyze technology trends in business, think creatively, and prepare for future career paths. 

Gilman Alumni Virtual Technology & Entrepreneurship Career Seminar

In early January, Ohio State University launched the Gilman Alumni Career Readiness Seminar - a virtual event designed to help Gilman alumni develop successful careers in technology and entrepreneurship while mastering skills necessary to thrive in diverse environments. 

Fisher Takes Virtual Internships Abroad

When travel abroad was cancelled due to COVID-19 on March 11, 2020, the Office of Global Business team developed new Virtual Global Internship opportunities to connect students with international company partners. 

Paying it Forward & Global Programs

Former Ohio State undergraduate students, Howard Patton and Brandon Smith discuss the impact of study abroad experiences and embrace Ohio State's philosophy of "paying it forward" by supporting underrepresented students who wish to participate in global experiences. 

Virtual Internships & Experiences Abroad

While international travel came to a halt, Ohio State students Ellora Majumder and Kyle Madura participated in a new virtual global internship opportunity through the Office of Global Business. Hear more about each student's experience interning for global companies and how they navigated challenging environments. 

Graduate Study Abroad Experiences Amid COVID-19

Although COVID-19 travel restrictions prevented foreign travel, Ohio State MBA student Jaehla Meacham, member of a Global Applied Projects (GAP) team, had the opportunity to work with Western Digital Corporation, a leading company in technology manufacturing. 

Adapting to Summer Internships During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic presented many challenges to Ohio State students who prepared to study abroad in a foreign location for the summer. Despite this setback, Ellora Majumder, a rising senior logistics major at Ohio State describes her internship journey and encourages students to pursue their study abroad experience. 

Global Camaraderie and Perseverance During a Pandemic

With rapid spread of COVID-19 and air traffic borders closing, the Office of Global Business quickly worked to support Ohio State students and identify next steps for global programs. 

Brazil Gateway & Virtual Internship Opportunities

With the help of the Office of Global Business, the Brazil Gateway team connects Ohio State students with virtual internship opportunities at Brazilian companies, non-profit organizations, and government offices.