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Program Term: 1172; Program: ST FCOBMGL

As the largest economy in Europe, Germany is a powerful economic hub for global business. Featuring an extensive list of global brands, the business climate in Germany is characterized by sophistication, world-class engineering, and a mastery of organization. Program travel takes you to the heights of business in Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne and Bonn – complete with sprawling gardens, Gothic cathedrals, and the enchanting Neuschwanstein Castle.


  • Program Snapshot

    Full Time and Working Professional MBA students are invited to participate in this Global Business Expedition to Germany.

    Travel Information

    • Germany: Munich, Ingolstadt, Frankfurt, Cologne, Bonn
    • March 11-19, 2017 (includes flight travel time)
    • TENTATIVE BUSINESS VISITS: MBA and undergraduate students will visit businesses including Audi, Cleverbridge, Commerzbank AG, DHL, and PAYBACK GmbH Loyalty Partner. Students will hear from company executives, participate in presentations, and Q&A.
    • TENTATIVE CULTURAL TOURS: Cultural immersion including historic city centers of Munich, Ingolstadt, Frankfurt, Cologne, and Bonn; English Garden; Cologne Cathedral; and the world famous Neuschwanstein Castle



    • Once you have applied and been conditionally accepted to the program, the Office of Global Business will authorize your enrollment in this special course section.
    • A pre-departure workshop is required on TBD
  • Program Cost and Payment Information

    Program Cost

    $3503   Program fee (including airfare)*
    $150    Application fee (non-refundable, remitted to the Office of International Affairs)

    *Program fee includes international airfare, double occupancy hotel accommodations, transportation, all business visits, all cultural tours, international health insurance, all breakfasts and other select meals. It does not include passport and visa fees, vaccinations, incidentals, and meals not arranged by university.

    Payment Instructions

    STEP 1: Pay your $150 application fee immediately upon application.

    Once you submit your application, this fee will post to your University Statement of Account and is to be paid no more than three days after submission of the application. It is recommended that you pay the application fee immediately after submitting your application. This application fee will be refunded only if you are not accepted to your study abroad program or submit a written request to withdraw your application prior to the application deadline.

    STEP 2: Pay your program fee by the deadline.

    The program fee will be charged to your student account at the beginning of the 2017 Spring Semester. Payment deadline is January 3, 2017.

    Cancellation Policy

    For more information, consult the Office of International Affairs Cancellation Policy page.

    Other Notices

    If you withdraw or drop from the program, you are responsible for any associated cost due to your withdraw or drop from the program (i.e.: flights, housing, etc.). If you wish to withdraw, you must send a written withdrawal request to the Program Coordinator.

  • Eligilbility

    All applicants must meet the following criteria:

    • All participants must be enrolled in the Full Time or Working Professional MBA program at the Fisher College of Busines and remain in academic good standing.
    • Remain eligible based on the Office of International Affairs eligibility requirements and conditions for participation


    International Students

    • In order to participate, international students must be able to obtain all required travel visas and confirm their eligibility to return to the US after the program (i.e., a multiple entry visa).
    • All students/international scholars holding a US visa who are participating in an Office of Global Business (OGB) program and have questions about international travel may schedule an appointment with an Office of International Affairs (OIA) International Student Services advisor.


    Drop Policy

    The Ohio State University does not allow students who have records of felonies and sexual offenses or who are on disciplinary probation to participate in Ohio State University sponsored programs. In accordance with this policy, all students who have accepted their participation for the Office of Global Business programs will be required to go through a disciplinary check by the Office of Student Conduct. A check is conducted both at the point of application to the program and prior to departure. Should either check reveal that you are on disciplinary probation, your application will become nullified and your acceptance rescinded. If you are found on disciplinary probation after you have paid your $150 application fee, the application fee will not be refunded and you will be charged a cancellation fee. This policy is subject to change and you can find the most updated information on OIA's Conditions for Participation page.

  • Application & Selection Process

    Application Steps

    Application deadline is October 24, 2016.

    • Read the “Before You Apply” section of the OIA website
    • Log into BuckeyeLink and select the OSU Study Abroad Application (Main Menu > Campus Solutions > Self-Service > OSU Study Abroad Application). Input program term: 1172. Input program: ST FCOBMGL.
    • Pay the non-refundable $150 application fee posted on your student account.
    • All remaining program fees will be charged to your student account at the beginning of the 2017 Spring Semester.
    • Expect to hear from the Office of Global Business 1-2 weeks after the application deadline.
    • A committee of faculty and staff will review the application and make recommendations for selection.


    Application Documents

    Statement of Purpose (1-2 pages):

    • Write about your interest in global marketing and strategy.
    • How would you benefit from participating in this program?
  • Travel Preparation


    • You must have a passports valid at least 3 months past the dates of travel (June 19, 2017).
    • If needed, the costs associated with applying for or renewing a passport are not included in the total price of the program.
    • If you are a US citizen but do not currently have a passport and you are selected to participate in the program, you should apply for your passport as soon as possible. 
    • If you are a US citizen trying to apply for a passport, please see Travel.State.Gov for more information about applying and renewing your passport.



    • You are required to have a "tourist visa / visitor visa" based on the travel itinerary and nature of the program.  Visa requirements may change so double check with the German Embassy/Consulate.
    • International students: Visas for international students vary by travel destination and student nationality. As it may take some time to process a visa, please prepare in advance, allowing enough time to process documents and renew F-1 visa (if applicable).


    Pre-Departure Orientation

    There will be a mandatory pre-departure orientation held on TBD. 

    Health and Safety Abroad

    Visit the Office of International Affairs Health and Safety page, for information related to:
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Disability Services, Emergency contacts, Health Insurance, International Travel Consultation, Medical/Non-medical Emergencies, Safety Guidelines, Sexual Harassment, Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP), Study Abroad Health Form, Student Code of Conduct