Upcoming Student Programs

Fisher is excited to offer new undergraduate and graduate student programming in fintech. More information about the programs listed below will be announced closer to launch.

Fisher College of Business proposes a graduate micro-certification in Fintech Fundamentals (will launch in autumn 2022)

The Fintech Fundamentals micro-certification will consist of 4.5 credit hours and will provide introductory-level knowledge pertaining to the emerging technologies that organizations use to improve and automate the delivery of financial services. Those technologies include artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain. The financial services include mobile wallets and payment apps, crowdfunding platforms, cryptocurrency exchanges, stock trading, robo-advisors, mortgage services, insurance services and credit monitoring apps. The increasing frequency with which consumers are relying on fintech to access basic financial services (e.g., money transfers and payments, savings and investments, and budgeting and financial planning) has made fundamental knowledge of fintech desirable for a variety of occupations, job titles and industry sectors.

Fintech Immersion Program for undergraduate students (starting in autumn 2022)

The Fintech Immersion Program is a two-semester course series open to students across the university. The program’s goal is for students to gain a thorough understanding of the fintech industry. At the end of the autumn semester, students will have acquired an understanding of industry terminology, concepts, and technologies used and their applications. During the spring semester, students will partner with companies in various areas of fintech to work on corporate projects. This program will not be an in depth study of technologies used in fintech and big data. Rather, when the course sequence is completed, students should be more familiar with overall industry (including insurtech) and technologies that drive fintech.

Student Fintech Innovation Competition

Have an idea for a fintech innovation? Want to showcase your innovative talent? Want to combine your knowledge of blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML) and passion for finance? Consider the Student Fintech Innovation Competition.


Submit your pitch for the Student Fintech Innovation Competition on this form. The judging panel will select six finalists from those submissions. The selected finalists will prepare a pitch deck (20-slide maximum) and have 15 minutes to present to the judging panel plus a five minute Q&A session.


Prizes will be awarded to three teams:

  • First: $3,000

  • Second: $1,500

  • Third: $500


Dates & Deadlines:

December 1, 2021: Deadline for student teams to submit pitch for the Fintech Innovation Competition.

December 15, 2021:  Finalists notified

March 24, 2022: Pitch deck (20-slide maximum) submission deadline for finalists. Items to include in the pitch deck:

  • Introduction

  • Team

  • Opportunity

  • Solution

  • Competition

  • Business Model

  • The Funding Ask

March 25, 2022: Finalists present their pitch deck to a panel of judges at The Ohio State University (location TBA).