The Risk Institute is where thought leaders, seasoned professionals, and students of risk come together. We’re constantly engaged in an open, collaborative dialog about risk: its complexity, its relevance across all industries, and its potential as a tool for competitiveness and growth.

The result? The gap between academia and practice grows smaller. Long-time experts and fresh new thinkers offer each other challenges and help each other find solutions. Industries that once seemed worlds apart find common ground. And every member of the conversation leaves knowing more—about why risk matters, and how it can be used to their advantage.

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Upcoming Events

The Data Revolution & Risk Evolution: Fourth Annual Conference | September 27 & 28 

The annual conference brings together academics and practitioners from across disciplines and industries seeking to influence the adoption of leading risk management practices.

Designed to be interactive, the conference will provide attendees with an opportunity to engage in conversations with experts and peers about:

  • embedding risk management into business strategies to create organizational value
  • practical risk management applications across business functions and industry sectors
  • risk management research translated into daily business applications

This year's program will focus on The Digital Revolution and its implications for risk management.  It seeks to create a greater understanding of how your organization can approach the many sides of the risks of digital innovation and leverage it to create value.

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Past Events


  • Fisher Summer Sessions: Top Business Challenges

    Today’s business leaders are grappling with a wide range of evolving challenges, but industry doesn't matter when it comes to some of the biggest ones: How does the changing workforce affect my ability to recruit and keep the best people? What does the digital revolution mean for my business? 

    No matter your role or industry, it’s important to keep a pulse on what’s next, building a broader perspective that asks not just how your organization is prepared for these challenges – but what you’re missing.

    Ohio State’s Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship and Center for Operational Excellence along with the National Center for the Middle Market and The Risk Institute are collaborating to introduce a mix of research insights and business leaders’ stories to highlight these trends shaping the business world.

    This summer, take the opportunity to accelerate your learning. Bring a cross-functional team within your organization and/or your client organizations to one or both sessions and get the chance to build a broader perspective on these evolving trends. At the same time, you’ll be connecting with leaders at a wide range of companies and industries. Each session begins at 9 a.m. and concludes at noon with a networking lunch.

  • Breakfast Panel | Repurposing Retail: Risks and Opportunities

    June 29, 2017

    The retail environment has undergone tremendous changes over the last decade. The decline of enclosed regional malls presents unprecedented challenges and opportunities to both businesses and municipalities. Our panel will discuss how are businesses and cities adapting to this changing environment and what challenges still lie ahead.

    • Michael Coleman, former mayor of city of Columbus
    • Amy Taylor, COO, Columbus Downtown Development Corporation
    • John Meder, Head of Risk Advisory Practice, Wells Fargo Insurance
    • Carrie Barclay, Asset Strategies Group

    When: June 29, 7:30-9:00 a.m.
    Where: Mason Hall Rotunda

    Register now for June 29th Breakfast PanelSponsored by The Risk Institute and The Center for Real Estate

  • Fisher Breakfast Briefing - Culture and Its Impact on Risk

    September 22, 2016

    Risk Institute Executive Director Phil Renaud shared real-life business examples to frame a discussion on how values of integrity, transparency and commitment impacts a business’s operational risk. As The Risk Institute enters its third year of exploring new insights and effective risk management strategies, activity will focus on the governance and culture aspects of risk management. 

  • The Risk Institute 2016 Annual Conference Governance & Culture: A Risk Perspective

    September 27-28, 2016

    Our third annual conference focused on various aspects of governance and culture as it pertains to risk management.  The Risk Institute lined up four high-impact keynote speakers, expert panels, and brings back the crowd favorite RISKx series.  For more information and agenda, see the 2016 Annual Conference Webpage.

  • Risk Culture in the Financial Services Industry

    March 7, 2016

    Financial institutions are accustomed to facing many kinds of risk, including credit, liquidity, operational, reputational, and regulatory risks. How firms manage these risks affects the availability of credit and overall economic growth in the economy. The panel focused on how regulators influence adoption of risk culture in financial institutions, as well as how the financial crisis moved regulatory risk to a more central point in the conversation of risk management and subsequently how critical critical culture is to risk management. The panel also provided perspective on who is responsible for instilling culture and how desired behaor might be incentivized, what all this means for those operating financial institutions in today’s unpredictable global economy and what all this means for those operating financial institutions in today’s unpredictable global economy. The Risk Institute brought together a high-level panel of experts including: 

    Kevin R. Allard (Deputy Superintendent for Banks, Deputy Superintendent for Savings and Loan Associations and Savings Banks,  Ohio Department of Commerce, Division of Financial Institutions)
    Steven Chenenko (Chief Investment Risk Officer, Nationwide Insurance and Chief Risk Officer, Nationwide Bank)
    Helga Houston (Chief Risk Officer of Huntington National Bank)
    Rick Wilson (Principal Examiner at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland)
    Professor Isil Erel (Moderator, Associate Professor of Finance and Academic Director of The Risk Institute, Fisher College of Business)

  • The Risk Institute 2015 Annual Conference DISRUPTION: Implications for Risk Management

    October 7-8, 2015

    Our second annual invitation-only conference took place on October 7-8, and focused on DISRUPTION and it's implications for risk management.  Attendees gained a greater understanding of how your organization can approach the many sides of DISRUPTION, and leverage it to create value. More...

  • Summer Alumni Networking Event

    June 11, 2015

    Fisher College of Business and OSU alumni networking event was held at the Longaberger Alumni House, Thursday, June 11 from 5:00-7:00pm.  We spent a summer evening to catching up with fellow alumni, enjoying appetizers and drinks, and sharing how The Risk Institute's outreach, research and educational activites are relevant to alumni and their industries.

  • The Risk Institute Open House

    November 19, 2014

    The Risk Institute Open House brought together students and faculty from diverse department across Ohio State interested in risk-related research. The open house was designed to introduce The Risk Institute to the Ohio State community, and provide details about available funding for research on topics related to the identification, measurement and management of the ever-changing and often interconnected risks impacting organizations. We also announced the call for papers for The Risk Institute’s first academic conference taking place April 24, 2015, and a Request for Proposal for research grants. Both of these opportunities are designed to advance our approaches to leveraging and managing organizational risk.

  • Chief Risk Officer Panel

    October 28, 2014

    The Risk Institute hosted a panel of high-level risk management professionals who discussed enterprise risk management strategies in the various industries they represented.  The panel consisted of Michael Mahaffey, the Chief Risk Officer for Nationwide, Steve Haynes, the Chief Risk Officer and VP for Strategic Initiatives at American Electric Power, Doug Huffner, Associate Risk Officer at The Ohio State University and David Mehrle, Senior Vice President of Retail & Business Banking Risk at Huntington National Bank. The panel was moderated by Professor Greg Sabin. 

  • The Risk Institute Launch Event and Conference

    October 22-23, 2015

    Our first conference and launch event took place on October 22-23, 2014, bringing together academics, practitioner experts, institutions and companies interested in participating in the conversation about integrated risk management.  For more information and speaker line-up, visit the conference webpage or read the press story.


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