We find ourselves in a time of perhaps unprecedented skepticism for business, political, academic, sports, and religious leaders. The world needs principled leaders who can make a lasting impact in their organizations, their communities and beyond.

Our mission is to meet the world's need for principled leaders

The Leadership Initiative is dedicated to advancing the leadership skills and effectiveness of our students and partners. Through scholarly excellence and transformational, collaborative experiences, Fisher is emerging as the preeminent institute for principled leadership.

As the historical center for leadership research, we are returning to our roots with a renewed focus on leadership scholarship and its practical applications to non-profit sectors of the community. As a division of The Ohio State University – the economic driver for the state of Ohio – we have the network and the capacity to galvanize individuals and communities to positively effective change all through principled leadership.


  • We are the world's preeminent center for leadership scholarship and practice

  • We offer the most comprehensive development experience for the leaders of tomorrow

  • We provide innovative leadership expertise to Columbus community leaders

  • We play a vital role in unifying and advancing the Ohio State University's leadership efforts

  • We are self-sustaining