Fisher Leadership Initiative
Community Engagement

As our Initiative grows, we will offer leadership development and continuing education opportunities for community members, organizational leaders, alumni, and other groups to ensure we build our community's capacity for principled leadership.

Presently, we engage with the community in two primary means: through community service and pro-bono projects.

Get Involved with the Fisher Leadership Initiative

  • Sponsor a Pro-Bono Project

    To ensure that participants in Fisher Leadership Initaitive programs have opportunities to practice and apply their leadership abilities through real-world experiences, we partner with organizations to offer team-oriented consultative projects for students to address each semester.

    These projects: (1) consist of real challenges or opportunities facing the organization, (2) cannot have a pre-determined solution, (3) are championed by a leader within the organization, and (4) include other organizational contacts who offer feedback to students throughout the project.

    In fall 2016 alone, students involved with the Fisher Leaders Program:

    • Completed 6 pro-bono projects with local and national non-profit organizations
    • Devoted 1100+ hours of work for those organizations
    • Delivered the following products:
      1. HR strategy to facilitate organizational communication and culture change
      based on data from a recent culture survey and personal interviews with
      2. Comprehensive strategic marketing plan to complement the launch of a
      new public center, recommending tools for building awareness among
      constituents, garnering additional funds, and means for assessing
      marketing effectiveness
      3. Entrepreneurship curriculum for implementation with inmates who are
      close to re-entering society to ensure they have skills they need for
      employment, coupled with the strategic plan to ensure its successful
      launch and sustainable operation
      4. Robust strategic plan for national organization engaging in new strategic
      planning process
      5. Feasibility study for a local non-profit looking to expand into a social
      6. Marketing channel recommendations to broaden the organization's reach
      and add a revenue stream for the organization

    To sponsor a project, connect with us today!

  • Become a Community Service Partner

    Participants in our programs are strongly encouraged to engage in community service. In fall 2016 alone, our students served 238 hours at 38 separate organizations.

    To have your organization listed as one of our service partners, contact us today!

  • Leadership Development and Continuing Education

    Community-based leadership development and continuing education opportunities coming soon!

  • Annual Fall Conference

    Details on the Fall 2017 conference coming soon!